Woman In M’sia Removes Dog Carcass From Road, Reportedly Gives It Proper Burial Elsewhere

Woman In Malaysia Praised For Clearing Dog Carcass From Road

Stray animals in urban areas are often at risk of accidents, especially with nobody looking out for them. When tragedies claim their lives, such creatures often fail to receive the dignity of a proper burial.

Thankfully, this was not the case in Malaysia recently, thanks to a woman who went out of her way to remove the carcass of a dog from the road.

She then reportedly gave it a proper burial, earning respect and praise for her actions.

Woman in Malaysia removes dog carcass from road

A passer-by submitted an account of what they witnessed in Terengganu with the Facebook page Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Sunday (22 Jan).

Source: Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Facebook

According to the post, the witness was visiting a shop in the area when they spotted the carcass of a dog by the side of the road. They suspected that the canine had gotten into an accident earlier that morning.

The passer-by later saw a woman stopping at the scene and disembarking from her car with a large plastic bag in her hands.

Source: Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Facebook

Wearing gloves, she wrapped the carcass up before carrying it over to her vehicle’s boot.

Source: Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Facebook

Placing it in there carefully, she proceeded to drive off, presumably to give the deceased animal a proper burial.

Source: Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Facebook

Rare practice in Malaysia

Seeing someone remove an animal carcass is rare in Malaysia, according to Ms Joanne Low, the coordinator of Homeless Paws of Manjung Strays.

Speaking to The Star, she claimed that people typically avoid roadkill due to disgust or believing it wasn’t their job.

Seeing the carcasses remain for days until local council workers arrived to clear them was more common, Ms Low added.

“It is very sad to see animals being run down and some are left in very bad shape,” she said.

To remove them and bury them or place them in a safer area is a form of respect to the poor animals that died.

The Facebook post featuring the kind woman drew countless positive comments praising her gesture.

Various animal welfare groups in Malaysia likewise sang praises. Ms Sherrina Krishnan from the Pet Adoption Network labelled her an inspiration, stating:

An act done in the state of Terengganu reiterates the compassion of any religion — to be kind to all creatures, big and small.

She additionally hoped for the incident to grow even more viral so that more could appreciate the compassion in the woman’s actions.

Kudos to the woman for her kind act

Getting caught up in our hectic lives, we may often forget the need to show compassion. Moving acts like this are thus unique, proving to us that there’s still kindness out in the world.

Kudos to the woman for setting a good example by providing the dog with a proper burial.

Hopefully, more people will use her actions as a reminder to be thoughtful towards others in our community — even stray animals.

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Featured image adapted from Dunia Haiwan Malaysia on Facebook.

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