Woman selling items as she & husband are ‘moving to Pulau Tekong’, Facebook users mock obvious scam

Woman selling secondhand items for cheap as she & husband are 'moving to Pulau Tekong'

Woman lists secondhand items for sale as she is ‘moving to Pulau Tekong’ in obvious Facebook scam

While scammers are utilising increasingly convincing tactics nowadays, there are still some tricks you can see right through like glass.

Such as this Facebook listing from a woman selling her used items for cheap because she and her husband are moving to… Pulau Tekong.

As in, the Pulau Tekong where our young recruits go for their Basic Military Training (BMT)? We can think of no other.

moving pulau tekong

Source: Singapore blessing give away group on Facebook

Needless to say, Singaporeans were immediately able to identify it as a scam and made all kinds of jokes online.

Woman claims she & husband are moving to Pulau Tekong, lists gadgets & appliances for cheap

On Friday (12 April), Facebook user “Katrina rose” took to the ‘Singapore blessing give away group’ to post a list of used items she was selling at low prices.

The list included two Louis Vuitton bags, two MacBook Air laptops, an electric scooter, a Crolan bicycle, as well as several kitchen appliances and furniture.

Source: PCMag, for illustration purposes only

In her caption, she wrote:

My husband and I will be moving to Pulau Tekong and we cannot possibly carry some of our things with us.

Either they’re both enlisting for National Service (NS) together or there are residential estates on the island that nobody was aware of before.

moving pulau tekong

Source: Basic Military Training Centre Media Team via TheSmartLocal

Both seem highly unlikely.

The caption ends with “Katrina rose” saying that receipts and warranties are available.

Interested parties — likely those not familiar with the purpose of Pulau Tekong — should inform her if they can pick up the items themselves or if they need them delivered.

Facebook users crack jokes about obvious scam

It wasn’t long before the suspicious listing became the butt of jokes.

Several users scoffed that if you want to scam someone, the least you could do is do your research to make your post more believable.

Source: Facebook

This netizen cheekily remarked that he just got his BTO on Pulau Bukom, a restricted-access island that houses an integrated oil and petrochemicals site.

moving pulau tekong

Source: Facebook

Someone said perhaps Pulau Hantu might’ve been a better place to live.

Source: Facebook

Scams like this often involve the supposed seller asking interested buyers to place a deposit to reserve the item, only for the former to disappear with the latter’s money without actually delivering anything.

Last year, the police warned users to be wary of fraudulent advertisements on Facebook after at least 21 victims lost more than S$210,000 to such scams.

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Featured image adapted from The Singapore Army on Facebook and Singapore blessing give away group on Facebook.

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