21-Year-Old Woman Found Dead In Taiwan Home, Body Was Eaten By Her 5 Dogs

Body Of Taiwan Woman Eaten By Five Pet Dogs On 21 Jan

On Lunar New Year’s Eve,  people around the world were attending festive family reunion dinners.

But in Taiwan, a tragedy unfolded as a 21-year-old woman, Ms Huang, was found dead in her home.

Upon investigation, coroners found that her body was eaten by her five dogs after her death.

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Source: ET Today

Her pets are believed to have done so due to hunger after their owner’s passing, reported Yahoo News.

21-year-old Taiwan woman found dead in home

During a press conference on Saturday (28 Jan), the Taiwan police said that on 21 Jan, Chinese New Year’s Eve, at 6pm, Ms Huang and her boyfriend, who lived together, went to her family’s reunion dinner.

After dinner, Ms Huang felt ill and headed to their Taichung home to rest while her boyfriend went to work.

Source: Yahoo News

But when he returned home at around 10pm, he found that Ms Huang had passed away.

He notified the police, suspecting that she was bitten to death by her pet dogs.

When police arrived at the scene, she was pronounced dead on the spot.

ET Today reported that her body had been gruesomely mutilated by the dogs.

Her head, face, and thigh were bitten and gnawed at, to the extent that her skull and internal organs were exposed.

The case was later referred to forensics for examination.

Investigations reveal dogs ate body after her death

Ms Huang’s boyfriend told police that she had undergone kidney dialysis in the past two weeks.

After dialysis, she would develop epilepsy symptoms. Because of this, she had been taking medication for both epilepsy and liver disease.

In addition to that, the locked door of her home showed no signs of damage or fighting.

Preliminary investigations by forensics found that Ms Huang was only eaten by the dogs after her death, reported ET Today.

She was not killed by a dog attack.

Cause of death to be determined

Ms Huang owned five dogs — two French bulldogs, an English bulldog, a golden retriever, and a mixed-breed dog.

woman taiwan dogs

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Source: Love Your Dog

According to Yahoo News, the dogs are believed to have eaten her body to satisfy their hunger after Ms Huang’s death.

The exact cause of her death remains to be determined after taking blood samples.

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