US Study Shows 33% Of Women Date For Free Food, Names This Trend “Foodie Call”

Cafés & fancy restaurants are popular picks for going on dates.

Savouring good food, soaking up the ambience of a swanky setting while getting to know your date — what’s not to like?

The women themselves, apparently. Because they might be into free meals more than they are into you.


This is according to a study by the Society for Personality & Social Psychology in the United States, which shows around 33% of 1,177 women surveyed admitting they’re into “foodie calls”.

These same women who love food more than dates reportedly have several dark traits in common, like psychopathy & narcissism.

Foodie call — food version of booty call

If you’re unfamiliar with the American slang “booty call”, it’s basically an invitation to have sex.

Introducing the dating world’s newest phenomenon, “foodie call”, which means hitting someone up for free food instead of sex.


Free food paid for by guys, in this case.

Women date for free food have dark traits in common

The same study also shed light on a slightly more disturbing result. These so-called foodie call women scored high in a dark personality traits quiz called Dark Triad.

They exhibited symptoms related to narcissism, psychopathy, & oof, a big word called Machiavellianism — a term used to describe a personality trait involving manipulation & deceit.


These dark traits have been linked to deception & exploitation in romantic relationships, such as “one-night stands, faking an orgasm & sending unsolicited sexual pictures”.

Uh oh. Also, foodie call women seemed to have stronger beliefs in traditional gender roles.

Keep calm & have mixed veggies rice

If you’re a guy who dates & reading all this have got you feeling like a scared little hamster…


Worry not. We looked to our fellow Singaporean men who devised a sound plan to ensure they don’t fall victim to foodie calls.

For this guy, the solution is simple — cai png (mixed vegetable rice).


And if you “die die” feel you must pay in the name of chivalry, you can “just think of it as charity”, in this guy’s words.


To this guy, the best plan is to just go dutch. Just pay for your own food, no fuss.


All the best going on dates

If you’re about to meet someone for the first time this weekend, we hope reading this helped enlighten you in some way.

We have some ideas for you if you’re seriously considering the cai png idea.

Do you have any interesting foodie call experiences to tell? Share with us in the comments below.

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