Singaporean Horror Story: Tinder Date Edition 

On Thursday (26 Jul), Paul Cheng Jun Hong, 29, was sentenced to 5 months in jail, after what could have been the worst Coffee Meets Bagel date.

After matching with his 28-year-old victim on the app last year, Mr Cheng reportedly insisted that they meet that the same day. They then met at the Jurong Bird Park, where the accountant repeatedly fondled the woman.

Experiences on dating apps have always been a mixed bag – ranging from stories with fairy-tale endings to those that are downright weird or uncomfortable. We compiled five of Singapore’s worst dating app meet-ups.

1. Mobile Legends addiction?


Platform: OkCupid

We all have friends who are inseparable from their phones. Taking things to a whole different level is this girl from OkCupid.

Addicted to Mobile Legends, she played a 20-minute match right in front of her poor date – who had to eat his ice cream alone, probably contemplating the meaning of life.

There was this girl whom I met on OkCupid and it was a while before we met up. So the thing was, she was into Mobile Legends, and just nice at that time, I played a little of it, that’s why I decided we should meet up for a date.

The worst part was when we went for desserts afterward. (Idk why I decided to go on to desserts but I do, fml).

After we chose the desserts, I went to order them, and when I’m back, she was on ML. And guess what, when her friends invited her for a game, she spontaneously started the game WITHOUT ME. And it went on where I just stared at her for like, 20 minutes. By then, I already finished my desserts and for the next few moments, I was just watching her slowly eat her melted ice cream.

Reddit User Funxp_

2. Purge this date from your memories


Platform: Tinder

Having sexual fantasies is fine. We all have them. But being turned on by the sight of a “priest having an orgasm from stabbing someone in a cult ritual” probably isn’t. It also low-key sounds illegal.

But hey, you do you, Tinder dude.

I watched The Purge 3 together with a Tinder date and at the scene where this creepy looking junkie priest has an orgasm from stabbing someone in a cult ritual, he started caressing my thigh.

I’ve never felt so confused before.

Reddit User 0percentile

3. A very unlucky date


Platform: OkCupid

You’ve probably seen people sell feng-shui products and lucky charms on Facebook pages. But who knew that the best place to actually look for these products is apparently OkCupid?

I met up with a guy from OkCupid with whom I seemed to hit it off, only for him to text me a few hours after we’d gone our separate ways that his ex wanted to make up and was apparently talking to me was a “good luck charm”…yeah.

Reddit User tadr92

4. Chronic liar

Platform: Unknown

With a lie that was pulled right out of a soap opera, this guy tries to wiggle his way out disappearing because “he had a life threatening disease — sleep apnea — and that he didn’t want anyone to be close to him or to love him because he was gonna die at any moment”. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which your breathing cycle is disrupted when you sleep. 

Started texting and talking etc, he went on a trip and few days before our date he disappeared?? I didn’t think much of it cuz like… lol…(Red flag #3)

Few months later he messages me saying he disappeared cuz he had a life threatening disease which was sleep apnea (red flag #2) and that he didn’t want anyone close to him or to love him bc he was gonna die at any moment.

For the life of me I don’t know why I gave him a chance to make it up to me and let him meet me. He didn’t plan a date he didn’t buy me dinner we just hung out at a park and then I paid for his 20$++ cab home (can’t remember why)

Texting for a few days and one morning after I was out late he sends me a funny text hinting he met this dj which apparently he knew because most of his sec sch friends went to cj and they are friends with her and suddenly said like he might have a chance with her and she was the perfect girl she’s so hot etc etc so he wasn’t going to try with me anymore and go for her instead???

Little did he know my dance senior was actually good friends with that dj and I told her about it and the dj texted me saying she doesn’t really know him and pretty much their rs was him texting her asking for her to get him n his friends into the club and he kept bugging her while she was with her date.

I’m defo ok now but until today I never understood what the need was to lie to such an extent

Reddit User borderlinebarbie

5. Abusive relationship first date?

Platform: Tinder

On the final hours of 2017, Melody Yap, better known as IronLadyChef, posted screenshots of her friend’s conversations with a Tinder date. After being friendzoned in a “civil manner” by Melody’s teacher friend, after a Tinder date, the dude lost it.

He resorted to a barrage of insults and threats that don’t seem out of place in secondary school recess fight. In other words, the teacher is probably used to hearing phrases like “I’ve been very nice, but u choose to cross the line,” many many times before.




Singlehood’s not that bad

But hey, don’t be discouraged. Singlehood seems to be on the rise in Singapore, so you won’t be the only one having a “dinner for 1” every now and then.

If you ask us, better to eat alone than to have your thigh caressed during The Purge. But that’s just us.

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