2 Women Allegedly Fight Over Relationship Problems Outside Tangs Orchard, 1 Arrested For Affray

Women Allegedly Fight Outside Tangs Orchard Over A Man

Some people may go to extreme extents in the name of love.

Two women, for example, took ‘fighting for love’  literally on Sunday (4 June) as they fought over alleged relationship woes outside Tangs Orchard.

The two ladies pulled at each others’ hair and wrestled on the ground while multiple passers-by tried to break up their tussle.

One of the women has since been arrested for affray, while the other is assisting with police investigations.

Pair fight outside Tangs Orchard, passers-by try to intervene

The Singapore Incidents Facebook page recently re-posted a video of two women wrestling on the floor outside Tangs Orchard.

The video featured two rather well-dressed ladies in heels viciously pulling at each others’ hair while trying to kick each other, all while trying to grab at their opponent’s face.

As their fight escalated, many onlookers watched and filmed the incident from a distance while verbally advising the women to stop their actions.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

One passer-by soon stepped in and tried to separate the women.

Two other women also quickly swooped in to help, but their combined efforts were to no avail.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

The women were finally helped off the ground and momentarily separated with the intervention of the passers-by.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

Mall security then came out to mediate the situation while the women each fixed their outfits and messy hair.

Unfortunately, the peace was short-lived.

The situation quickly escalated again after a short intermission when one of the women hurled an object that looked like a handphone on the ground.

Source: Singapore Incidents on Facebook

This prompted the other woman to pick it up and approach the former in retaliation.

Mall security later separated the women again and motioned at the crowd to disperse.

Police arrest one woman for affray

According to the caption by Singapore Incidents, the women allegedly fought over a man due to some relationship-related conflict.

The police told Lianhe Zaobao that they received a report on the incident, and investigations are underway.

A 43-year-old woman has been arrested for affray, while another lady, 42, is assisting with police investigations.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.

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