Workers Eligible For Workfare Support Will Receive SMS Or Letter By Next Week

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Singapore government has put in place many measures to help citizens tide through these difficult times.

One such measure is the widening of the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) scheme announced in August. 70,000 workers are expected to benefit from this move.

In the coming weeks, 470,000 Singaporean workers will receive their Workfare payouts of up to $3,000, either through direct bank transfer or cheque.


$810 million of Workfare support grant to be paid out by 15 Nov

According to a Ministry of Finance (MOF) press statement, $810 million in payouts will be issued to lower-income Singaporean workers.

This comprises the $1,500 payout issued to 470,000 workers for their work done in 2020.

The sum also includes a similar, yet separate $1,500 payout issued to the 70,000 workers who are now eligible for Workfare under the widened criteria.


In addition to the $1,500 payout for their work done in 2020, these workers will get another $1,500 for their work done last year.

In total, they will receive $3,000 starting from this month.

Eligible Singaporeans will receive either SMS or letter

Eligible workers who have registered their handphone numbers with SingPass can expect an SMS next Monday (26 Oct) with details pertaining to their payouts.

Those who have yet to do so will instead receive letters that same week.

Almost all eligible Singaporean workers will receive their payouts in the form of bank transfers.

The remaining will receive their payment in the form of cheque by 15 Nov.

The WIS is currently eligible for Singaporeans aged 35 who have a gross monthly income of less than $2,300.

For the full list of criteria, check out the Workfare website here.


Hope the WorkFare support scheme will be useful

We are heartened by the government’s efforts to assist lower-income workers in Singapore.

We hope the WorkFare support scheme will prove useful in helping vulnerable Singaporeans tide through these difficult times.

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