GrabFood Riders Help Direct Traffic After Yishun Power Outage Shuts Off Lights

Yishun Power Outage Cut Off Electricity To Traffic Lights & Lifts

Yishun is often the subject of Singaporeans’ incredulity, especially since several unfortunate events have occurred there, like the power outage on Friday (21 Jun).

Yet time and time again, Yishun residents have risen above the criticisms to prove that there’s still hope in the neighbourhood.

While everyone watched as Yishun faced its recent mishap, a group of GrabFood riders decided to step up and manage the situation themselves.


Power outage hit traffic lights in Yishun

A power outage or blackout at home is enough to send most of us into panic mode. Now imagine that happening on the streets instead.

Several parts of Yishun experienced that exact scenario, namely at these locations:

  • Yishun Central
  • Yishun Ring Road
  • Ave 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 11
  • Yishun Industrial Street 1
  • Yishun Industrial Park A

Traffic lights and lifts stopped working, sending the neighbourhood almost to a standstill.


Thankfully, a group of GrabFood riders stepped in to save the day, instead of letting the problem get out of hand.

GrabFood riders stopped PMDs to help

Facebook user Mr Rai Aziz spotted 2 GrabFood riders standing in the middle of a traffic junction along Yishun Ave 9.

Their Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) lay on the ground by the crossing, with their food delivery bags attached.


Each rider stood at opposite ends of the junction with their arms up, signalling to vehicles on all sides.

According to Mr Rai, it appeared as though the gentlemen were directing traffic since the lights were not working.

Netizens praise the riders’ initiative

GrabFood delivery riders may always be in a rush to fulfil orders, so it’s heartening to see that they’ve put all that aside to assist the community.


Judging from the slew of positive comments, it’s clear that the men’s actions have given Yishun some credit.

Some netizens even expressed their admiration for Yishun.


There’s still some love for Yishun after all.

Disruption caused by cable works

SP Group announced on their Facebook yesterday that the disruption was caused by cable damage after a third party contractor carried out works in the area.


Electricity was restored within 23 minutes, but residents who still encounter any issues should check if their building’s internal network needs a reset.


If unsure, SP encourages them to contact their Licensed Electrical Worker.

While residents leave their electrical issues to the respective establishments, they have the GrabFood riders to thank for alleviating trouble on the streets.

Kudos to the kind souls, and may Yishun continue to disprove all the negative stories about it.

Featured image from Facebook.

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