Yishun Singapore Pools Outlet At Block 102 Saw 34 Group 1 & 2 Wins

People relish their millionaire dreams in different ways. While some dabble in the stock market, others like to think one day lady luck will shine on them and they will tio 4D or TOTO.

Whatever you believe in, one thing can’t be disproved — statistics.

Many try to maximise their winning chances by going to certain especially ‘blessed’ Singapore Pools outlets. The Singapore Pools Outlet in one Yishun 7-Eleven store is one of them.

Yishun Singapore PoolsSource

But with the new Chong Pang integrated hub coming up, it looks like the outlet will be seeing the last of its lucky days.

Huat Singapore Pools outlet at Block 102 Yishun

This especially huat Yishun Singapore Pools Outlet is located in a 7-Eleven stall tucked in a corner along 102 Yishun Avenue 5.

Yishun Singapore PoolsSource

Over the years, there has been 7 TOTO jackpot prize winners and 27 group 2 winners from this particular Yishun outlet.

Although the outlet has not seen big winners in recent years, it has built a reputation and became a crowd favourite among TOTO enthusiast.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, there are often queues at the outlet.

New Community Club in its place

However, Singaporeans would need to bid farewell to this Singapore Pools outlet that’s seemingly blessed by the god of fortunes.

A new development, Chill @ Chong Pang, will soon take its place. Construction is slated to start in 2022 and completed by 2027.

The new community hub will be developed at the sites currently occupied by Block 102 Yishun Avenue 5 and the Chong Pang Community Club.

Yishun Singapore PoolsImage courtesy of Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

Hence the 4-storey HDB – Block 102 – where the Singapore Pools outlet is located at will be acquired for this project.

Chill @ Chong Pang

The redevelopment will see a new Chong Pang community hub that integrates community, social, and leisure activities.

Yishun Singapore PoolsImage courtesy of Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

This building will include a replacement market and hawker centre.

There will also be new amenities such as swimming pools, fitness studio, commercial shops, and a gym.

Image courtesy of Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

According to Lianhe Wanbao, residents have mixed feelings about the redevelopment.

Mr Guo, a long-time resident of the area holds reservations of the new community hub.

He fears that with such a pristine new building, the area will lose its distinctive kampung spirit.

However, other residents like Ms Ye, welcomed the idea, saying it will make life more convenient.

Urban redevelopments and bittersweet nostalgia

It is inevitable that urban redevelopments will come hand in hand with bittersweet nostalgia of what will be lost.

However, the new Chill @ Chong Pang is sure to provide more amenities for residents and add to their convenience.

Also, not to worry, there’s another Singapore Pools outlet right round the corner at Yishun Block 101. Hopefully, the God of Fortune will extend its blessings to cover this new store as well.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Singapore Land Authority.