$12 Million Hong Bao TOTO Sees Snaking Lines At S’pore Pools Outlets, Some Queues Longer Than For Masks

Snaking Queues Spotted At Singapore Pools Despite Wuhan Virus

With the anxiety stemming from the Wuhan coronavirus of late, queues have become a common sight in Singapore, with many hoping to get their hands on face masks and hand sanitisers.

Queue for face masks at Suntec City

Yet recently, Singaporeans have begun lining up outside places that do not sell healthcare products.


Fancy hazarding a guess what they’re queuing for? We’ll give you a clue — it involves numbers.

That’s right, these Singaporeans are lining up to punch in their lucky numbers for the annual Hong Bao TOTO Draw — an annual lottery event every CNY.

Queue at Singapore Pools Whampoa Drive Blk 88

With a prize pool of $12 million, not even the coronavirus can stop our citizens.

Snaking queues seen outside Singapore Pools

A yearly affair, the queues are typically spotted during CNY season when the TOTO draw date is near.

Queue at Singapore Pools Hougang Street 61

With the spread of the Wuhan virus, some might be under the impression that it’d be enough to dissuade gamblers from trying their luck.

Well, that hypothesis was clearly disproven, based on pictures shared on social media.

Snaking queues can be seen forming outside Singapore Pools outlets across the island. Some even extended to adjacent shops and occupied shared corridors.


Many are placing their bet on this outlet along Hougang Street 61 that’s apparently known to be extremely auspicious.


According to his Nestia, this exact outlet sold tickets that won some of the largest TOTO jackpots in history. In 2016, one lucky winner brought home nearly $8 million after buying a TOTO ticket there.

To find the huat-est Singapore Pools outlet near you, check out this table.

Hong Bao TOTO Draw is the lottery of the year

Known for its huge prize pool, the annual Hong Bao TOTO draw is the most highly anticipated of all of the lottery events every year.

For some, it’s almost a tradition to enter the draw every CNY.

Last year’s prize money hit an all-time high at $13.6 million and two lucky Singaporeans split the pot, each bringing home $6.8 million.

Queue at Singapore Pools for Hong Bao Draw in 2019

To try their luck at it again this year, people are seen queueing up outlets across  Singapore, ranging from malls to HDB areas.


12 Million Hong Bao Toto, but please gamble responsibly

The draw will take place on Friday (7 Feb) at 9.30 pm.

While the jackpot might be extremely appealing, please gamble responsibly and only buy tickets from authorised dealers.

With the spread of the Wuhan virus, perhaps it is that wise to have large gatherings of people.

Even if it might be ‘unlucky’ to wash your hands when gambling, please do so with soap thoroughly after visiting such crowded places to upkeep good hygiene.

Featured image from Facebook.

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