YouTuber Learns Some S’pore Workers Earn Up To S$20K Monthly, Exclaims That People Are So Rich

YouTuber Asks Workers In Singapore How Much They Earn Monthly, Shocked By Answers

Workers in Singapore have often made the headlines for earning relatively high salaries.

A YouTuber from Hong Kong, however, discovered just how high some of their monthly salaries can be in a recent video.

After learning that Singapore had overtaken his country to become Asia’s top financial centre, he decided to interview a few employees to find out how much they earn each month.

Some of them then revealed that they earned up to S$20,000 monthly, to the utter shock of the YouTuber.

YouTuber asks workers in Singapore how much they earn

On 3 Jan, YouTuber Torres Pit posted a video of a recent series of interviews he conducted with workers in Singapore.

He started by sharing the news of Singapore overtaking Hong Kong to become Asia’s top financial centre. Singapore is also third overall in the world.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

“It’s very difficult news for a Hong Kong boy like me to swallow,” he quipped. “I want to investigate whether Singaporeans are actually that capable…how much are they earning?”

He thus took to Singapore’s central business district (CBD) to interview people about their jobs and monthly salaries.

YouTuber learns some workers earn up to S$20,000 a month

One of his interviewees, a digital technology director who was reluctant to reveal his actual salary, said he earns between S$10,000 and S$20,000 a month.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

As for the news of Singapore overtaking Hong Kong as a financial centre, he admitted that Singapore has been progressing by embracing digital and technological changes.

“Work hard is one thing, you must work smart,” he remarked.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

Meanwhile, one woman shared that she recently left a regional role for the consumer goods sector where she earns S$20,000 a month.

When asked if the amount is a good salary for Singaporeans, she said yes, although she pointed out that she has 18 years of corporate experience under her belt.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

She claimed that most of her peers her age are earning similar pay. However, she didn’t reveal her age in the video.

The interviewee went on to note that the standard of living in Singapore is high, with rent being expensive.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

As for why she quit her job to start her own business, the woman explained that it was for a sense of purpose.

“Do you want to die with peace, or do you want to die with that money you can’t use?” she asked.

Torres was notably impressed with what he learned from the interview, exclaiming, “She can buy two Rolex watches every month…so rich!”

Employees from other countries share thoughts on working in Singapore

Meanwhile, a Chinese national told Torres she earns about S$8,000 per month in the artificial intelligence technology sector.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

Her work consists of managing tasks such as object detection and facial recognition.

After completing her studies in Singapore, she decided to work here as well, having previously held roles in the financial and banking sector.

“[Singapore] has more balance in terms of working at the beginning of your career,” she reasoned. “I kind of like the life here, so I decided to stay.”

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

Torres went on to speak to an Angolan national who works at the Angolan Embassy in Singapore.

She shared that she works in the management of economic relations between Angola, Singapore and 16 other Asian countries.

Every month, she earns €4,000 (S$5,819), whereas a similar job in Angola would only get her half the monthly salary at €2,000 (S$2,909).

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

Those looking to earn more advised to work smart

Torres then took to the Singapore Exchange to interview those working there, describing it as the “Wall Street” of Singapore.

The wealth of its employees was evident from the outset, with someone even abandoning a Goyard bag in the building.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

“You know they are rich when a Goyard bag is just…they just ditch it on the ledge here,” Torres said.

A product manager at the company who has been working there for three years was also reluctant to reveal his exact salary but shared that he earned above S$5,000.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

“The sky is the limit,” he said when asked how much he saw himself making in five years.

Another man, originally from the Netherlands, shared that he has been working in Singapore for more than 16 years.

Presently an employee at Amazon, he revealed that his work involves installing products and satellite stations.

Source: Torres Pit托哥 on YouTube

While he did not reveal his exact salary either, Torres estimated that the man was probably his highest-earning interviewee from that day.

As for those looking to get a salary jump, the man suggested working smart as well.

“Help your colleagues, help yourself, help the organisation grow,” he said. “That’s all you need to do.”

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