Man Dresses Up As Zoom Meeting Screen For Halloween, Dubs It “WFH Nightmares”

Man Dresses Up As Someone In A Zoom Call For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, with less than a day to go before the spooky celebrations can commence.

While some may have their costumes planned months in advance, there may be others struggling to find a suitably frightening outfit for the occasion.

We think this man found the perfect Halloween costume to capture one of our worst nightmares in recent times — an online Zoom meeting.


Dressed smartly from the waist up and casually below the waist, the man printed out a Zoom screen layout and an accompanying backdrop.

Perfect Halloween costume from outfit down to poses

Posting on the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook page, Meng Yuenco Maddumba shared pictures of his Halloween costume for this year.

Seeing that the whole world has been through some form of lockdown during the pandemic, this getup is relatable while also posing as many people’s worst nightmares.

The attention to detail is also something to marvel at. From the purposeful half-half attire, the Zoom controls, background with participants to boot, and the headset make it a faithful attempt at what working from home (WFH) looks like.

Aside from the costumes and props, he also struck poses that resemble the faces we make while ‘intently’ listening in on our meetings.

Here’s his rendition of someone in deep thought.


This is his brilliant attempt at the ‘uncomfortable laughter’ pose.


We think the added poses make the costume more complete than it already is. Truly a terrifying WFH nightmare.

Relatable idea & great execution makes a good Halloween costume

Halloween is a fun excuse to dress up and poke fun at life as it comes to you. The combination of a relatable idea and a commitment to the costume makes this one of the best costume ideas we’ve seen yet.

What are you dressing up as this year for Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Meng Yuenco Maddumba on Facebook.

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