10 Seniors Succumb To Covid-19 Infections, 4 Were Unvaccinated

Throughout the pandemic, seniors have accounted for a disproportionate number of Covid-19 fatalities, especially those who are unvaccinated or those with underlying medical conditions.

Yesterday (11 Oct), the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported the demise of 10 seniors due to Covid-19 complications.

The number of daily cases, however, was lower than previous days, reportedly due to fewer Covid-19 tests being done.

10 seniors aged 73-93 succumb to Covid-19 infections

In an update on 11 Oct, MOH reported the passing of 10 elderly individuals due to Covid-19 complications.

Aged between 73 and 93 years old, the seniors had different vaccination statuses:

  • 4 unvaccinated
  • 3 partially vaccinated
  • 3 vaccinated

Over the last 28 days, 71.3% of Covid-19 casualties were not fully inoculated against the coronavirus, shared MOH.

Like many other Covid-19 fatalities, all 10 seniors had underlying medical conditions.

Taking the latest casualties into account, Singapore has reported 93 Covid-related deaths over the past 15 days.

2,263 new Covid-19 cases on 11 Oct

On the same day, MOH also reported 2,263 new cases of Covid-19, comprising 1,949 in the community and 306 in workers’ dormitories.

Though the figures look relatively promising compared to previous days, MOH said most of these cases were from the weekend, when fewer tests are typically done at clinics and polyclinics.

Uptick in number of seriously ill Covid-19 patients

The number of seriously ill Covid-19 patients who require oxygen treatment or ICU care seems to be on the rise:

  • Patients undergoing oxygen supplementation: 308 — increase of 16 from the previous day
  • Patients in ICU: 42 — increase of 1 from the previous day

Most of these patients continue to be those aged above 61 years old, as indicated by the greyish bars.


Hope seniors will take added precautions

Singapore has been through multiple waves of Covid-19 infections, but one thing remains consistent throughout — seniors are more vulnerable to falling seriously ill or succumbing to complications from the infection.

As such, we hope elderly folk will take added precautions to protect themselves during these difficult times.

Additionally, if you’re among those who are eligible for booster shots, please get them ASAP to protect yourself and those around you.

MS News extends our condolences to the families of the deceased.

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Featured image adapted from Yan Leong on Flickr