S’pore Public Holidays 2021 Will Give You 9 Long Weekends With 8 Days Annual Leave

Use Singapore Public Holidays & 13 Days Annual Leave To Get 34 Days Off In 2021

Most of us would know that overworking is a real first-world problem.

Even while working from home, it’s easy to become jaded and go into zombie-mode as you type away at your keyboard, the blue light from your computer screen searing your retinas.

If your travel and vacation plans for 2020 went out of the window just like your sleep schedule because of Covid-19, never fear. It looks like 2021 is the year to make up for that!

With some careful finessing and swift choping, you’ll be able to stay fresh and productive with 5 long weekends and a 14-day holiday spaced evenly throughout the year.

We took the liberty of planning out the dates of leave you should snatch up based on the Ministry Of Manpower’s (MOM) list of public holidays for 2021.

1. February

11 Feb (Thu): Leave
12 Feb (Fri): First day of Chinese New Year
13 Feb (Sat): Second day of Chinese New Year
14 Feb (Sun): Weekend

2. April

1 Apr (Thu): Leave
2 Apr (Fri): Good Friday
3 Apr (Sat): Weekend
4 Apr (Sun): Weekend

3. May

13 May (Thu): Hari Raya Puasa
14 May (Fri): Leave
15-16 May (Sat-Sun): Weekend
17-21 May (Mon-Fri): Leave
22-23 May (Sat-Sun): Weekend
24-25 May (Mon-Tue): Leave
26 May (Wed): Vesak Day

4. July

17 Jul (Sat): Weekend
18 Jul (Sun): Weekend
19 (Mon) : Leave
20 (Tue): Hari Raya Haji

5. Aug

6 Aug (Fri): Leave
7 Aug (Sat): Weekend
8 Aug (Sun): Weekend
9 Aug (Mon): National Day

6. Nov

4 Nov (Thu): Deepavali
5 Nov (Fri): Leave
6 Nov (Sat): Weekend
7 Nov (Sun): Weekend

Alternatively, you could follow this cheat sheet & max out your 9 long weekends with just 8 days of AL.


Potential weekend getaways in 2021

With the number of long weekends peppered throughout 2021, there are more than enough opportunities to take some time off for yourself.

Many of us missed out on travelling this year, but hopefully the situation stabilises even more next year, and we’ll be able to put those refunds and open flight tickets to good use.

Share this with your friends and family as some inspiration for next year’s potential travel plans, or just as a little pick-me-up reminder of all the fun times you can have away from work, too.

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