Interval Between 1st & 2nd Covid-19 Jab Shortened To 4 Weeks

Singapore has been doubling down on our vaccination efforts as more supplies arrive on our shores.

With 80,000 vaccine slots available per day now, many who wish to get vaccinated will be able to move their slots forward.

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For those awaiting their 2nd dose, you can shift your slots forward to just 4 weeks after the 1st.

This is at least 2 weeks shorter than the previous interval that was about 6 to 8 weeks.

Possible to book 2nd Covid-19 jab 4 weeks after the first

Previously, many who have gotten their 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine were only able to schedule their 2nd dose at least 6 weeks after.

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Now, as a Redditor first noticed on Tuesday (29 Jun), the 2nd jab can be rescheduled to just 4 weeks after the 1st.

2nd Covid-19 JabImage courtesy of an MS News reader

This would mean a shorter interval of 4 weeks between the doses.

The Minsitry of Health (MOH) confirmed the shorter interval in a press release on Tuesday (29 Jun). This comes after they noticed higher take-up rates of the vaccine and more supplies coming in, allowing for more people to get their first doses already.

Hence, MOH is hoping to get more people fully vaccinated sooner.

More doses administered daily

Back in May, the Government lengthened the interval between doses so more in the population can receive at least 1 dose of the vaccine sooner.

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Last week, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said if vaccine supplies arrive as planned, those willing to get vaccines will be able to receive their first dose by 2nd half of July.

He then elaborated that when Singapore meets this target, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will consider shortening the interval between doses.

So this move to shorten the interval comes earlier than previously expected.

This could be due to Singapore receiving more supplies soon, allowing 80,000 vaccines to be administered daily.

If you’d like to move the appointment for your 2nd dose earlier, you can either click on the link in MOH’s SMS or visit the booking page here.

Reschedule your vaccination slots

The option to move forward vaccination slots is certainly good news for Singapore.

With our national vaccination programme picking up pace, hopefully, more in our population can get their jabs sooner. That way, everyone will be able to obtain greater protection against Covid-19.

So if you’ve yet to do so, reschedule your vaccination slots to an earlier date and let your friends know about it too.

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