2-year-old boy in M’sia dies after drowning in hotel pool while parents were sleeping

2-year-old boy in Malaysia dies after drowning in hotel pool while parents were asleep

On Mother’s Day (12 May), a 2-year-old boy in Malaysia drowned in a hotel pool while his parents were asleep.

After his parents discovered him, they attempted to perform CPR, but to no avail. The toddler was then conveyed to the hospital.

He died on Friday (17 May) afternoon.

Source: @jasmine.y____, @enzobaby._ and @kvin_wang on Instagram

Parents discovered son was no longer beside them after waking up

In an Instagram post, influencer Jasmine Yong explained the circumstances that led to the passing of her son, Enzo.

She shared that on 11 May, their family of three checked into a hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day.

On the day of the occasion, Enzo had been lying on the hotel bed with his parents while drinking milk, before he drifted off to sleep. The couple also eventually took a nap.

When they woke up, Enzo was no longer beside them.

They then realised that the door to the indoor pool, which had initially been locked, was open.

Toddler died a few days after drowning in pool

Upon finding her son, Yong immediately performed CPR on him. However, the boy did not respond.

She added that they could not call for help as there was poor network in the hotel.

Her husband, Lim Kong Wang, also left the hotel room to seek assistance but to no avail.

This prompted them to carry Enzo to the hotel lobby, where they requested the staff to dial an ambulance and assist with emergency care.

Upon being taken to the hospital, the toddler underwent half an hour of resuscitation. Although he subsequently regained a heartbeat, he remained unconscious.

Enzo continued to fight for a few more days but eventually died on the afternoon of 17 May despite having enough oxygen.

Drawing of their family burnt as an offering to toddler

Expressing that the accident was not complicated, Yong urged the public not to believe any rumours.

“No one wishes for such an accident to occur,” she wrote. “Please allow baby Enzo to leave peacefully.”

In her post, Yong also shared more images of their final farewell to Enzo.

One clip showed balloons being released into the air. “All of us are waiting for you to come back,” an in-video caption read.


Yong and Lim also created a drawing of their family for Enzo.

Source: @jasmine.y____, @enzobaby._ and @kvin_wang on Instagram

The drawing was among some of the items that were burnt as offering to the toddler.

Source: @jasmine.y____, @enzobaby._ and @kvin_wang on Instagram

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Featured image adapted from @jasmine.y____, @enzobaby._ and @kvin_wang on Instagram and Instagram.


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