Second S’pore Driver Caught Illegally Pumping 95 Octane Petrol In Johor In 2 Weeks

Singapore-Registered Vehicle Caught Pumping 95 Octane Fuel Again

Singaporeans are good at finding ways to save money. However, we may sometimes take it a little too far when we break the law to do so.

Only 9 days after 8world News reported on a Singapore-registered vehicle illegally pumping 95 Octane Fuel, another Singapore vehicle was caught in the act.

A netizen took to Facebook yesterday (23 May) to complain about a Singaporean pumping 95 fuel.


Netizen infuriated by the man’s actions

The netizen was infuriated about the man taking advantage of Malaysia’s “cheap petrol”.

In her Facebook post, she says that petrol station employees may not know about the law prohibiting foreigners from pumping 95 Octane petrol.


However, she doesn’t believe that it was the man’s first time in Malaysia so she thinks he should have been aware of the rule.

She also alleges that he acted like he didn’t know he was doing wrong. She ended her post by saying that if the man couldn’t afford petrol, he really shouldn’t be driving a car.

Apparently, she confronted the man, but he pretended to not hear her.

Based on her account, the man pumped at least RM70 worth of fuel.

She broke a rule as well

While the man clearly broke a law, the netizen also went against the petrol kiosk’s rules.

A netizen pointed out that she shouldn’t even be using her phone when she was parked there.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Malaysia’s petrol stations have safety rules that stop patrons from using their mobile phones at kiosks.

However, please don’t be too alarmed as Singapore has no such rule. Fires caused by using phones at petrol kiosks are merely urban myths.

Probably no action will be taken

While it isn’t right for the man to illegally pump petrol, there will probably be no actions taken against him — just like a similar case 9 days ago.

The law states that a check on the identity of a driver has to be done by the store’s employees before allowing any foreign-registered cars to pump 95 Octane petrol.

So onus not only lies on the Singaporean car’s driver, but on the petrol kiosk’s operator as well.

Don’t go to Johor for 95 Octane fuel

If you know anyone that goes to Malaysia for cheap petrol, you might want to let them know about this restriction.

The authorities may not be strictly enforcing the rule now.

But if people continue to bend the rules, it may be time to consider stricter penalties on drivers who break them.

Featured image from Facebook and Bikes Republic.

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