SMRT Driver Shows Spooky 975 Bus Route At Night, Some Roads Have No Lights

SMRT Driver Shows Creepy 975 Bus Route In Viral TikTok Clip

Those among us who stay out late will definitely appreciate the availability of late-night bus services.

While they provide convenience for commuters, there’s perhaps another side to it that we might not often think about.

Recently, an SMRT bus driver who also runs a popular TikTok account gave viewers a glimpse of how spooky the 975 bus route can be at night.


975 has always given me goosebumps 👻 #SGBus

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The video takes viewers through some creepy roads in Choa Chu Kang and Lim Chu Kang, some of which are not lighted up at all. The narrow roads also give viewers the impression that someone or some things might come running out from either side.

TikTok clip shows spooky 975 bus route comprising dark roads without street lights

On Wednesday (20 Apr), TikTok user @yourbuscaptain shared the video with the caption “975 has always given me goosebumps”.

As the caption suggests, the minute-long video follows the SMRT bus driver as he goes about the 975 bus route at night.

Unlike most bus routes that pass through well-illuminated housing estates, the one which Bus Service 975 follows involves roads that are not well lighted. The road shown below, for example, only has dim street lights on one side.

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the bus captain later showed another section of the route that’s completely devoid of any lights.

To illustrate his point, he flashed the high beam, to show how much of a contrast it brought.


Besides the darkness, the narrow roads coupled with the foliage on both sides also make it look as if viewers were watching a horror movie with an imminent jump scare.

The spookiness clearly took its toll on the driver who, at one point, decided to speed up as he was “scared already”.

Netizens intriugied by spooky bus route

The video has since garnered a sizable number of views. Netizens also took the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.

One TikTok user asked if it was true that 975 buses have to stop at a certain bus stop “to alight someone”. The OP later confirmed this to be true, and said they have to open the door briefly and say “thank you”.

Another user asked if he and his mates could join the OP as passengers for some thrills. Unfortunately for them, the OP says he doesn’t drive 975 that much, so they won’t be able to accompany him on his route.

If you’d like to check out more of @yourbuscaptain’s content, you may visit his TikTok account here.

Balls of steel required for Service Number 975

Though many of us appreciate late-night bus services for their convenience, we might not be aware of how creepy it is for bus captains who are on shift.

In the case of Bus Service number 975, the job requirement likely entails cajones of steel and is not for the faint-hearted.

Kudos to @yourbuscaptain for creating content that showcases the lesser seen side of what life is like as a bus captain.

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Featured image adapted from @yourbuscaptain on TikTok

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