Aaron Kwok’s View On Hong Kong Protests Is “I’m Buying Diapers For My Daughter”

HK Superstar Aaron Kwok Drives Through Hong Kong Protests Crowd To Buy Diapers

What do Aaron Kwok and an ambulance have in common? They’re now famous for trying to make their way safely through large crowds during the Hong Kong protests.

The world-famous moment when Hong Kong protesters gave way to an ambulance in June.

The 53-year-old superstar was trapped in a traffic jam on Sunday (8 Sep) evening, when thousands of Hong Kong citizens had yet to disperse from their demonstration earlier in the day.

People from the crowd recognised him and thought he was there to support the Hong Kong protests.

He winds down the window and tells reporters he’s on diaper duty in Cantonese

But, he simply wound down the window and said “I’m buy diapers for my daughter!” and “I’m buying diapers” several times.

Aaron Kwok stuck in traffic jam of Hong Kong protests aftermath

The Straits Times reports that Aaron Kwok and protesters were at Causeway Bay shopping district, where the gathering ‘Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Prayer Meeting’ was held earlier in the day.

Protesters apparently stayed on in the area past the demonstration’s supposed end time at 4.30pm, blocking traffic and bringing about road closures.


This would best explain why we see pictures of Mr Kwok sitting in his Lamborghini patiently waiting to make his way past the crowd.

Aaron Kwok waiting in his black Lamborghini for the jam to subside

We wonder where he was going to for diapers duty.

Reporters & passers-by recognise the superstar

At 7pm, passers-by and reporters realised that one of the 4 Heavenly Kings was trapped in the traffic jam.

They spotted his familiar face through the window

Immediately, they rushed to take photos. Some apparently thanked Mr Kwok for coming to support them at the US Consulate General — the venue of Sunday’s demonstration.

According to The Straits Times, many of them shouted “Thank you for your support, Aaron Kwok!” while others cheered “they have Alan Tam, we Hong Kongers have Aaron Kwok!”

Aaron Kwok on diapers duty

Finally, Mr Kwok decided to wind down the window to clear the air — he was there to fulfil paternal obligations.

Looking awkwardly at the media when they asked him for his views on the protest, he smiled and simply said that he wanted to buy diapers.


He told the crowd 1 more time, “I’m buying diapers for my daughter.”

Awkward face 101

You can view the live coverage of the scene here.

Superstar & super dad

Aaron Kwok, who is currently married to model Moka Fang, has 2 daughters. The youngest was born earlier in April.

It must have been supremely awkward moment for him to be caught in an intense situation, when he simply wanted to buy diapers for his daughter.

No Hong Kong protest was going to stop him, and it’s nice to see that he takes his role as ‘super dad’ as seriously as being a Heavenly King.

Featured image adapted from Bulgarian News Agency and YouTube.

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