Singapore Landlady Cooks Abalone Noodles & Buys Gifts For Tenant

While it’s never easy to leave your home country to find work in another, it does help to know that you can rely on a good landlord to smoothen this transition.

Knowing this, a landlady in Singapore has taken a softer approach with her tenant and even cooked her abalone noodles for her tenant’s birthday.

Image courtesy of Sammi Siek

The Filipino lady is her one and only tenant that she has in the past 3.5 years that she’s been renting out part of the apartment.

Landlady cooks abalone noodles to celebrate tenant’s birthday

In a Facebook post shared on the Let’s Go, Singapore Facebook page, landlady Sammi Siek shared her pleasant experience with her tenant.

Having lived in Singapore for over 10 years as a Permanent Resident, Ms Siek has been living in a unit with her mother, husband and 4-year-old son.

She started renting out 4 years ago, and her current tenant remains her first and only one.

On her tenant’s birthday, Ms Siek decided to cook her abalone noodles in celebration.

Image courtesy of Sammi Siek

Aside from cooking and sharing meals, Ms Siek would also buy gifts and show concern for her Filipino tenant.

Relationship goes both ways

This relationship goes both ways, with her tenant also contributing to house chores, setting aside portions of food for Ms Siek and even occasionally watching over her child.

Food prepared by Ms Siek’s tenant for her

Her tenant’s responsible and kind nature is shown whenever she leaves her room door unlocked to allow Ms Siek’s mischievous child to enter her room to look for her.

She added that as “fellow foreigners in the same foreign country living under the same roof”, she believes that compromise is necessary for a great relationship.

Past experiences as a tenant shaped her conduct

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, Ms Siek shared that she had encountered her fair share of demanding landlords during her experience as a tenant herself.

Monitoring the duration of the time that aircon is switched on and keeping tabs on how frequently she would take showers and wash clothes were some of the incidents she recalled.

With a trying history such as hers, she vowed not to become what she detested upon becoming a landlady herself. She understood that it’s never easy for one to leave their hometowns to find work overseas.

Although her tenant has been working from home for the past year and a half, Ms Siek has decided against raising her rental prices as she deemed the increase in bills to be insignificant and chooses not to be overly calculative.

By practising tolerance and being considerate to one another, she hopes to provide a homely environment for her tenant.

Cheers to a harmonious relationship at home

A person’s past experiences can shape their future, some for the better while others for the worse.

Thankfully, Ms Siek’s take on that was to become a better landlord than the ones she’s met.

Kudos to Ms Siek for making her tenant feel a part of the family and make her stay in Singapore a comfortable one.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and courtesy of Sammi Siek.