46 Migrants Found Dead In Abandoned Truck Near Texas Railroad Tracks, Investigations Ongoing

Migrants Found Dead In Abandoned Truck In San Antonio, Texas

Those looking for ways to improve their lives would resort to crossing borders in search of opportunities. However, this could also mean putting their lives in the hands of total strangers without knowing the outcome.

That may be the case for over 40 people after authorities found them dead in an abandoned truck on the outskirts of Texas on Thursday (27 Jun).

Source: RTE

The victims, mainly young adults, were believed to be part of a migrant smuggling attempt into the United States.

Aside from the deceased, authorities took 16 others to the hospital, including four children.

16 others rescued from truck & brought to Texas hospital

According to BBC, officials were called to respond to reports of a dead person outside an abandoned trailer truck in San Antonio, located roughly 250km away from the Mexican border.

They found the truck next to railroad tracks in a remote area on the city’s southern outskirts.

Source: 1 News

At least 46 migrants were found dead in the back of the truck. Along with the casualties, authorities took 16 others, including four children, to the hospital.

The survivors were said to be “hot to the touch” and suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion.

San Antonio temperatures soared to 39.4°C

Upon further inspection of the refrigerator truck-trailer, officials found no water inside, and the air-conditioning was not working.

To make things worse, temperatures in San Antonio reached 39.4°C that day.

According to Reuters, Texas Police Chief William McManus said a worker from a nearby building spotted the truck when he heard a cry for help.

The person found the trailer doors partially opened and, to their horror, found multiple dead bodies inside.

Investigations are still underway, but Mr McManus said three people were in custody. Officials have yet to ascertain their involvement in the case.

Hope the police can track down perpetrators

The migrants were in dire straits, and it’s even more alarming to think they were left to fend for themselves after being abandoned.

We hope the authorities can track down the people responsible for this heinous act.

Preventing instances like this from happening in the future must be a top priority.

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Featured image adapted from RTE.

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