ActiveSG Sports Halls To Close On 28 Jun, After Users Breach Safe Distancing Rules

All ActiveSG Indoor Sports Halls To Close For A Day-Long “Timeout” On 28 Jun

News of a Covid-19 patient who had met a large group of people to socialise and play badminton with sent shockwaves across Singapore.

Now, Sport Singapore is taking emergency action in an attempt to address the issue — by closing all ActiveSG indoor sports halls.

The closure will only be for 1 day tomorrow (28 Jun) as a sort of “timeout”, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Positive Covid-19 case flouted safe distancing rules

Sport Singapore decided on the closure after a user of one of the ActiveSG sports halls tested positive for Covid-19 recently.

The patient had played badminton at Jurong East Indoor Sports Hall on Monday (22 Jun), along with several others.

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The exact headcount is unknown, but Channel NewsAsia (CNA) stated that they had in total booked up to 6 courts, and switched around despite the physical partitions.

As a result, all the people he crossed paths with are now under quarantine, and the sports hall has to close over the weekend for disinfection.

Closure of ActiveSG sports halls to ensure users understand rules

To take some time to review the incident and safe management measures, Sport Singapore will be closing all indoor sports halls for a day tomorrow (28 Jun).

This is to give staff and users time to fully understand the rules that govern the usage of the space, especially amidst the pandemic.


For a full list of safety guidelines, you can visit ActiveSG’s website here.

After tomorrow, Sport Singapore intends to take stricter action on users who break the rules. Those who plan to gather in sports facilities for instance will face booking cancellations or rejections.

They also won’t be able to use ActiveSG facilities in the future.

Be responsible citizens

If not for the unfortunate case of the user, the closure of ActiveSG sports halls even for a day, probably wouldn’t have happened.

Whether it affects you or not, we should all take this opportunity to reflect on our own actions thus far.

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is a universal one, so let’s do our best together and be more responsible.

Featured image adapted from Foursquare.

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