Recruitment Firm Adecco Connects Jobseekers With Prospective Employers

You may be a starry-eyed graduate fresh out of university, or a professional who just left your 5-year job in search of greener pastures.

Given the Covid-stricken economy, sometimes the best jobs slip through our fingers in the name of business survival, like lay-offs and stricter hiring measures.

While finding a job during the pandemic may seem daunting, getting help from recruitment firms like Adecco could ease your worries.

Adecco Jobs

So when the going gets tough, it’s time for the tough to get going — by levelling up your job search.

With an abundance of lobangs in popular industries like tech, e-commerce, and healthcare, Adecco can connect you with employers who are looking for the exact skills you possess.

Adecco JobsJob-seeking with Adecco during pre-Covid days
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Acting as your wingman in the local job market, they’ll help spark a working partnership that you’ll hopefully be able to commit to in the long run.

Craft seamless UX & boost sales in e-commerce

There was a time when brick-and-mortar shops were hailed as the bastions of retail. Now, Singapore’s e-commerce industry has overtaken them, largely due to Covid-19 and convenience.

It’s no secret that people are turning to online shopping more often these days, which is why you should set your sights on digital retail platforms as the place to build a career.

Adecco Jobs

Whether you’re in charge of crafting a seamless UX – or user experience – or boosting sales through digital marketing, you’ll know you’re playing an essential role in running the show behind every e-commerce platform.

Trending roles: UX and CX Designers, Digital Marketing Specialist

Save lives & care for the sick in healthcare & life sciences

Hailed as the frontline heroes of our country, healthcare professionals are constantly needed to safeguard public health. But they are more than just doctors and nurses who look after the sick and the elderly.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, with hospitals overloaded with patients seeking treatment. This is also why the roles of experts in life sciences are crucial — creating testing kits and finding a vaccine.

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You’ll need to be highly resilient, with the stamina of a horse, to meet the increasing demands of the industry. But if saving lives and caring for others is your life’s calling, you’ll find a way to pull through.

Trending roles: Nurses, Medical Technologist, Occupational Therapist

Banking in the heart of the CBD

Despite being known for its fast-paced and challenging work environment, banking is still an industry many have their eyes on.

Long hours that bear fruit in the form of fat paychecks and a wealth of benefits are a major draw for those willing to hustle through long hours in the office. Sometimes, even the weekends.


So if you’re all about raking in sales and crunching numbers, there are still many viable career opportunities to explore.

Trending roles: Relationship Manager, Risk and Compliance Manager, FinTech

Using tech to improve lives in ICT, cybersecurity & engineering

Technology is getting more advanced, to the point where you no longer need to set foot outside of your house to get food or use cash for transactions.

Behind these conveniences are IT whizzes and engineers offering practical solutions to making everyday life better for us.

So if you’re comfortably proficient in computer codings, jobs in ICT, cybersecurity, and engineering are now in demand more than ever.

Trending roles: Software Developer, Security Engineer, AI Specialist, JAVA Developer, iOT Engineer, Cloud Developer

Temp & contract jobs offer flexibility & experience

While securing a full-time job is the ultimate goal, sometimes considering short-term needs could be just as important too.

To help you weather the current storm, temp jobs or part-time roles are the quickest way to earn an income. In some sectors like technology and e-commerce, it is common to be hired as a contract staff instead of a full-timer.

Greater flexibility in these roles will not only give you a break from the 9-to-6 life, but also allow you to:

  • Gain varied work experiences
  • Pick up new skills and technology
  • Build interpersonal and soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork and problem solving
  • Enjoy flexible work arrangements
  • Fill employment gaps

Other than levelling up your skills, temp or part-time roles may entail shift work, so you could have days where you can comfortably snooze till 12pm and make time for family in the day, before going to work in the evenings.

And hey, at least temping pays the bills for now.

Submit your resume to Adecco to get started

Whether you’re a fresh grad in search of your calling, or a mid-career worker seeking a new path, your job search doesn’t have to be a solitary journey.

Recruitment firm Adecco offers specialised assistance to local jobseekers, so people in need of jobs can understand their strengths and weaknesses before connecting with potential employers.

An Adecco seminar during pre-Covid days
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All you have to do is submit your resume online, and Adecco staff will start looking for your next job for you.

Adecco also has a digital community for easy access to career advice and insightful webinars. If you’re currently seeking a better understanding of jobs and industries, you can connect with them here.

Since Adecco is also the first employment agency appointed to help jobseekers under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, you know you’re in good hands.

Every job is a good job

Growing up, many of us had grand ideas of the jobs we want to pursue in adulthood. But the turbulent events of last year taught us that things may not always work out as planned.

Covid-19 has elevated our ability to adapt to the evolving situation. Hence, it’s good to tailor our job search rather than throwing caution to the wind, as this will help increase our chances of getting the job best suited for us in the long run.

Every single job is an experience and provides endless learning opportunities. We wish local jobseekers all the best in their careers.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Adecco.

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