S’poreans Praise M’sian Man Who Returned $1,000 Cash Found At An ATM

M’sian Man Found 20 Pieces of $50 Note At Admiralty ATM

What would you do if you find money on the floor?

While some of us might hesitate to return it to the authorities, a Malaysian man’s honesty impressed netizens when he decided to return $1,000 in cash to the cops.

Mr Jackson Lee even reached out on social media to find the original owner in a post which has since gone viral.


Returns $1,000 in cash from an ATM

On 29 Nov, Jackson Lee – a Malaysian photographer – was at Admiralty MRT station when he saw a “tan-skinned man” withdrawing money from the POSB ATM.

However, the man suddenly took flight and dashed towards the MRT gantry, leaving a huge stack of cash at the cash dispenser compartment in his wake.

Mr Lee took the pile of cash and gave chase, but the man was nowhere to be found.

Upon closer inspection, the Malaysian found that the original owner had left behind 20 pieces of S$50 notes, amounting to a whopping $1,000.

Police report lodged

Due to his busy work schedule, Mr Lee had no choice but to delay reporting the case to the police.

After finishing work on Sunday (3 Dec), Mr Lee proceeded dutifully to Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre to lodge a police report.


Later in the day, Mr Lee wrote a Facebook post shared in a Johor-based Facebook group, to find the original owner.

The post has since gone viral with over 3,000 shares.

As of Monday (4 Dec) afternoon, the original owner of the money has yet to establish contact with Mr Lee.

Well done, Mr Lee

Mr Lee’s actions have been praised widely by netizens on Facebook.


This netizen proposed a brilliant suggestion on how to identify the original owner.


Thank you Mr Lee, for restoring our faith in humanity.

Let’s hope we hear of more selfless deeds in the future, and that the money may be returned to its rightful owner soon.

Featured image from Flickr.

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