Aftershock PC Opens New Showroom In Suntec City With Custom PCs, Desks & Keyboards

Aftershock PC Launches New Showroom In Suntec City

Just months after its first experiential centre opened its doors, Aftershock PC will be launching their new showroom in the heart of Suntec City.

Offering the same goodness from before, this new retail storefront and flagship showroom will bring a condensed and elevated experience for customers.

Opening to the public on 22 Dec, the new showroom refines the concept of the experience centre, only showcasing the most utilised stations.

This includes a full-setup of computers and their components, a dedicated MASH keyboard section, an Omnidesk zone, and a custom PC showcase to inspire your next mega build.

We got an exclusive peek at the showroom — here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect at Aftershock PC’s newest store.

Aftershock PC provides ready-built setups for customers to test on

Just take a few steps into the Aftershock PC showroom at Suntec City and you’ll be met with rows of custom PCs and laptops.

Different from their experience centre in Bendemeer, these desktop setups are optimised by the Aftershock PC team to showcase the most realistic builds that previous customers have come in asking for.

Using the feedback they received, they have preloaded these builds with games so that customers can feel the tangible differences in PC components and builds.

Some of these setups are available online, on the Aftershock PC website.

This way, the staff on hand can easily show customers what they’re looking for, instead of explaining in tough-to-understand terms.

Ultra-Labs will make your custom PC dreams come true

Beside the plethora of readymade PC builds is their custom PC showcase, which is the product of Aftershock PC’s new Ultra-Labs arm.

This new branch hosts the brand’s elite team of system builders dubbed the “MASTERS”.

These guys will work with some of the latest and greatest PC modding equipment to make every build truly one-of-a-kind.

The experienced modders will be showcasing some of their finest work and capabilities, including specially designed GPU backplates, laser etching, UV printing and laser cutting.

With decades of experience under their belt, there’s no better team to make your dreams come true.

Omnidesk launches first-ever physical store in showroom

Having gained fame during the pandemic due to WFH setups, Omnidesk has finally launched its first physical location in Aftershock PC’s showroom.

This new space will be the first time that customers can touch, inspect and get a feel of the many desks on hand.

To commemorate the new retail space, Omnidesk is also reintroducing its Ichi Concierge Service where customers can get specialised assistance in building their very own Ichi desk.

These Ichi desktops are made of solid wood as well as resin to create a unique and sturdy contrast.

With a sliding display, customers can pull out a tabletop to have a closer look at the unique designs available.

The varieties would change regularly, with new designs on offer throughout the year.

In preparation of the launch of the concierge service, Omnidesk has also shared that they’ve tripled their stock to keep up with a predicted flow of new customers.

MASH will relocate to Suntec, customers can build custom keyboards in-store

Keeping the fan-favourite corner for last, MASH will also bring their custom keyboard expertise to Suntec City.

Since their launch earlier this year, the brand’s popularity has grown tenfold with rave reviews from new customers.

Many of these customers have spent entire days at their previous location to build their very own keyboard.

The experience will be no different at the Suntec space, with offerings largely staying the same.

This includes the ability to bunker down for hours as you complete a build.

Hinting at future plans, MASH says they would like to release their own branded items in the near future.

Aftershock PC’s Suntec City showroom is the next step for the brand

Speaking to members of the media, Aftershock PC founder Marcus Wee said that the new store reflects customers’ feedback.

During their time at the experience centre, the team noted the most popular features. They then condensed it all into the new Suntec City showroom.

While the move may surprise some, he explained that the landscape of warehouse regulations have forced their hand.

Despite that, he mentioned that the Suntec City showroom has always been the next step for the brand.

If you’d like to check out the showroom for yourself, you can start heading there from 10am tomorrow (22 Dec). Here’s how to get there:

Aftershock PC Showroom
Address: Suntec City Mall Tower 5 West Wing, #02-328/329, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Nearest MRT: Promenade or Esplanade Stations

Give in to the RGB lights & thoccs at Aftershock PC showroom in Suntec City

The world of custom PCs and keyboards can be quite the rabbit hole for keen beginners.

Now with a storefront in one of Singapore’s most popular malls, folks may struggle to resist the temptations of ‘thoccs’ and RGB lights.

If you’re looking to experience these machines in your own time, give Aftershock PC’s new Suntec City showroom a visit.

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Featured image by MS News. Photography by Poh Jin Ron.

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