Ah Ma Thinks IKEA Shark Looks Too Fierce, Sews Jaws Into A Toothless Grin

Hong Kong Grandma Sews Ikea Shark Jaws As It Looks Fierce

IKEA shark plushie Blåhaj – pronounced Blaha – is well-loved partly thanks to how meme-able its expression is — the shark looks perpetually in a state of existential dread.

Just like most of us.

Unfortunately, one ah ma from Hong Kong was so spooked by how fierce the shark plushie looks, and decided to remedy that by sewing its jaws shut.


Translated, the tweet caption reads: “Grandma thought the shark’s teeth were too fierce and sewed (its mouth) shut.”

The result? The IKEA shark now looks toothless, or bo geh.

Talk about defanging an apex predator — don’t underestimate ah mas.

Shark teeth look scary to ah ma

Some people find IKEA shark cute, but not this ah ma from Hong Kong, a netizen shares.


Deciding that the teeth were scary, the netizen’s grandma decided she’d make the shark lose its bite — by sewing its mouth.

We definitely don’t want to cross this ah ma, or she might do the same to us.


Neutralising the “predator” only takes a bit of craftwork.


Funnily enough, grandma seems to have turned the shark into a grandma too, as a netizen notes in a Twitter reply.


Translation: “Mr Shark turned into Grandma Shark”.

Grandma shark do do do do do do. ♬


IKEA shark remains cute despite ageing overnight

Even in old (?) age and becoming bo geh, IKEA shark remains as cute as ever.

Ah ma sewing shut its jaws is rather cute too, since she inadvertently turned it into a grandma.

But surely there are those who’ll agree that the teeth only add to the cuteness, as it looks back at you in toothy despair.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Twitter.

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