AI-Generated Photos Of KL Cat Marathon Go Viral, Animal Lovers Say They’d Watch Event Annually

Viral Photos Of Cat Marathon In KL Are Actually AI Illustrations

With artificial intelligence (AI) tools being increasingly accessible, many have been able to turn seemingly impossible sights into reality.

One member of a Facebook group based on AI-platform Midjourney recently stole the hearts of cat lovers with his interpretation of a cat marathon in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

The images feature adorable cats wearing various expressions as they race across various terrains.

The series of pictures even includes a prize presentation for the eventual winner — a ginger cat.

AI-generated images of cat marathon look very realistic

Posting in the Midjourney Creators Malaysia Facebook group, Mr Muhammad Shafiq shared images of cats battling it out at a fictional “annual cat racing competition in Kuala Lumpur”.

Cats of various colours and features were depicted to be running on a path enclosed by fences. By the sidelines, humans looked and cheered the felines on, like they would at a regular marathon.

Source: Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook

The AI-generated images look incredibly realistic, with applaudable attention to detail on each cat — just look at their glassy eyes and defined fur.

Mr Shafiq even made sure to consider different surfaces that the felines could compete on, like wet ground after a typical downpour in KL.

Source: Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook

An impressive layer of realism is added to the scene with the damp fur on the cats’ paws.

As if the dramatic runs are not enough, Mr Shafiq also produced images featuring the cats going through tunnel-like obstacles.

Source: Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook

Seems like it won’t be easy for the felines to get a place on the podium.

While most of the cats appeared poised and determined, on particular feline stood out with its somewhat shaken expression.

With its unlikely white outfit, one could imagine the fluffy cat screaming its way to the finish line, perhaps to push itself to cover the last stretch.

Source: Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook

All the cats’ efforts, of course, didn’t go to the waste. The final image in the series showed an award ceremony featuring the top three participants on the podium.

The oyens or ginger cats, all wearing stoic expressions on their faces, swept the top spots.

Source: Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook

Clearly, these felines thwarted stereotypes of them being clumsy and often up to no good.

Netizens fawn over adorable pictures, wish event really existed

The post was understandably popular among animal lovers who fawned over the cute, albeit fake felines.

One commented that they’d look forward to and watch the marathon if it really existed.

Source: Facebook

Another suggested that the event should be brought up in parliament so it could become a reality.

Source: Facebook

One, however, pointed out that most cats would likely choose to lie or sit down rather than complete the race if it really happened.

Source: Facebook

What do you think of the images? Would you watch a cat-athon if it really existed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Muhammad Shafiq on Facebook.

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