Woman Calls Out Use Of AI To Generate Her Nude Images, Pleads For Harassment To Stop

Woman Reveals Harassment Faced After Receiving AI-Generated Nude Images Of Herself

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has resulted in many benefits for us to enjoy. However, once it’s fallen into the wrong hands, things could become highly dangerous.

This was the case for a woman who said she was shocked to receive AI-generated nude images of herself.

Posting a TikTok video of herself crying to address the incident, she pointed out that she did not consent to the creation of the pictures.


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“The only reason why you would want these pictures of me is because you like that it’s non-consensual. You’re a [expletive] rapist,” she asserted, urging for the abuse to stop.

Woman says she received nude images generated from AI

In the video, the woman shared that she had received a direct message from a faceless account with no posts or followers on Instagram.

The user had sent her AI-generated pictures of herself naked, using photographs she had posted where she was fully clothed.

Source: TikTok

“There are no consensual pictures of me nude on the Internet,” she added in a caption, also stating:

It’s already weird to make that on your own time but it’s even weirder to send it to me.

Source: TikTok

Woman gets numerous messages containing nude pictures

Unfortunately, the situation escalated even further. The following day, the woman began receiving dozens of messages containing the images without visible watermarks.

Source: TikTok

Concluding that the user must have paid to have them removed, she alleged that they distributed it “like it was real”.

She went on to point out the discrepancies in the AI-generated images of herself.

Source: TikTok

For instance, there was a black patch where they were unable to completely erase her top, and non-existent folds, tattoos and lines that didn’t add up in the existing ones.

She also said her chest was much smaller in reality, and she didn’t have a tattoo on her lower abdomen.

Comments received under video were ‘vile’

What made her ordeal even worse, however, was the comments she received when she first brought the issue up in a now-deleted video.

Source: TikTok

“All of the comments were so disgusting, like actually vile,” she said. “They made me want to throw up, multiple times.”

Under the video, many had commented urging her to post the link to the images or real ones, with yet others accusing her of wanting more people to see them.

Sobbing, she begged for the harassment to stop, stating, “I want you to know they’re not real. Please stop.”

There were also those who said she had “asked for it”, which she brought up as well.

Source: TikTok

“You asked for it… by what, posting pictures of me with clothes on? How is that asking for it?” she demanded.

The only reason why you would want these pictures of me is because I don’t want them out there… you like that it’s [non-consensual].

With the video now viral at over 6,000 comments, many sympathised with her struggle.

Multiple users expressed their sorrow for her having suffered such an ordeal and urged her to report to the matter to the police.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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