M’sian Man Gets Picked Up From Airport By Friend Driving A Hearse, Vehicle Came With Coffin At The Back

airport friend hearse

Malaysian Man Gets Lift From Airport By Friend Driving A Hearse

Reunions at airports usually make for emotional affairs, and some have gone to great lengths to welcome missed loved ones after years apart.

For one Malaysian man, however, his airport reunion started off on a decidedly more morbid note.

In a video that has since gone viral, he shared with viewers the moment he got picked up by his friend in a hearse.

airport friend hearse

Source: TikTok

Humorously captioning the video ‘Always thinking of death’, OP even found an actual coffin in the car boot.

Man calls unique pickup the moment ‘your friend from hell greets you at the airport’

TikTok user Fahmii, a.k.a. @encikkhairulfahmi left viewers at a loss for words with a video in which his friend pulled up to the airport in a hearse.

@encikkhairulfahmi Sentiasa ingatkan kematian 🤣 #vanjenazahkk #kawandarineraka ♬ bunyi asal – 🇲🇾MADI🇲🇾BUAL🇲🇾

Via onscreen text, the OP lightheartedly described it as the point of view (POV) of someone whose friend from hell is greeting them at the airport.

While some may be creeped out by the sight, another friend of Fahmii’s can be heard laughing uncontrollably behind the camera as his friend’s hearse pulls up to the pickup spot.

The OP then emerges to open the car door to show that it is indeed his friend behind the steering wheel.

The camera then pans to the hearse’s backseat and finally to the boot area, where an actual coffin lies in wait.

airport friend hearse

Source: TikTok

At this moment, Fahmii and his friends burst into even louder laughter, presumably out of shock and disbelief.

Friend had taken hearse for car wash before heading to airport

Speaking to Malaysian news outlet WeirdKaya, Fahmii said the unusual pickup happened when he landed at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

His friend had initially told him that he would be fetching Fahmi and their other pals with a Vellfire car.

After a half-hour wait, the entourage was beyond shocked to see their friend coming towards them in a hearse instead.

Their friend then informed them that he had just taken the hearse for a wash and decided to go straight to the airport afterwards.

Malaysians give hilarious takes on airport pickup in hearse

Despite the macabre nature of the airport pickup, Malaysians saw it in a funny light and cracked various jokes about the situation.

Given that the mood surrounding a hearse is usually sombre, one said they would feel too guilty to even turn on the radio.

airport friend hearse

Source: TikTok

Another quipped that if they suddenly received a call to collect a body, at least the driver would have a friend to help him carry it.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, one commenter jokingly chastised the OP’s friend and told him to visit the mosque after dropping the OP off.

Source: TikTok

The crown for the darkest joke, however, went to one comment that said if there aren’t enough seats, one of them can lie down.

Source: TikTok

As highly unusual as the pickup is, one cannot deny there is a morbidly humorous side to it.

That said, we certainly hope OP’s friend can arrange a more conventional vehicle to pick him up next time.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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