People With Allergies Can Get Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines, About 32,000 In S’pore May Benefit

Most Singapore Residents With Severe Allergies Can Get Pfizer & Moderna mRNA Vaccines

Since Singapore embarked on its vaccination programme late last year, close to 1.8 million residents have been fully inoculated.


However, some people with a history of anaphylaxis or severe allergies were not allowed to get their jabs for precautionary reasons.

After carefully studying data globally and in Singapore, the authorities will be lifting these restrictions, allowing most people with allergies to receive Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines.


Individuals who were allergic to other vaccines would have to see a specialist for further evaluation.

32,000 people with severe allergies can receive vaccines

In a press release on Friday (4 Jun), MOH announced that individuals with a history of anaphylaxis or allergic reactions to the following substances will soon be able to get vaccinated:

  • Food
  • Insect stings
  • Other drugs
  • Unknown trigger

After the jab, they’ll have to wait for 30 minutes under observation, likely so that officials can detect any adverse reactions promptly.


The lifting of restrictions starts today (5 Jun).

However, those with past allergies to other types of vaccines may not have the green light yet.

This is because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may contain similar components to the other vaccines they were previously allergic to.

That said, they can refer to an allergist for a fully subsidised evaluation. Should the allergist deem them suitable, they’ll then be able to proceed with the vaccination.

According to MOH, about 32,000 individuals are expected to benefit from the move. Those with allergies to other vaccines reportedly account for a minority of this number.


Individuals can opt for Sinovac vaccine too

Another group MOH is monitoring comprises the 2,000 individuals who developed allergic reactions within 7 days of getting their mRNA vaccines.

Considering the consequences, they should not be receiving an mRNA vaccine again.

However, they need not feel saddened as MOH is apparently considering bringing in non-mRNA vaccines that may be better suited to them.

MOH estimates to achieve this by the end of this year after obtaining authorisation from HSA. More information will be available in due time.

Alternatively, those who want to be inoculated ASAP can opt for the Sinovac vaccine under the Special Access Route (SAR). This is applicable for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Long-Term Visit Pass holders.

Sinovac Vaccine Allowed For Special Access By MOH, Will Be Available In Private Healthcare Sector

MOH will authorise 20 private clinics to administer the jabs.

The ministry reportedly has about 200,000 doses in stock at the moment and will disburse them for free to these licensed providers.

The clinics, however, may still charge patients a fee to cover their expenses.

Glad more people can receive their vaccine

It’s encouraging that more residents in Singapore can receive their vaccines, protecting themselves and their loved ones from the virus.

Hopefully, as a significant portion of our population gets inoculated, the authorities will have the confidence to open our country up to the world again.

If you know someone who couldn’t get vaccinated due to allergies, tag them in the comments so they’ll know about the good news.

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