Elderly Lady Feels Nervous About Getting Vaccinated, Alvin Tan Reassures Her By Going First

MP Alvin Tan Accompanies Elderly Lady To Get Vaccinated

As Covid-19 numbers surge, many are worried for their elderly family members who are more vulnerable to the virus.

To ensure they are better protected, authorities have constantly been pushing for more seniors to get vaccinated.

On Saturday (9 Oct), Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Alvin Tan shared about a special moment he had with an elderly lady, Madam Ye, who was afraid of getting the vaccine.


Mr Tan accompanied Madam Ye to a mobile vaccination site and stayed by her side, reassuring her that the process is painless.

He expressed that many seniors have a genuine fear of vaccinations and hoped the public would take the time to encourage them to overcome their emotions.

Elderly lady feels nervous about vaccination

On Saturday (9 Oct), Mr Tan bumped into Madam Ye under her block and asked if she had booked her vaccination.

She replied that she was afraid and didn’t want to get the vaccine.

Mr Tan assured her that it would be all right. He then suggested that they could get jabbed together as he was due to get his booster shot.

He then brought her along to the mobile vaccination centre at Pek Kio Community Centre.

Upon arrival, the doctor on site cleared Madam Ye for the vaccine.

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However, she was still feeling nervous. Mr Tan then offered to get jabbed first so she could watch the process.


Alvin Tan reassures elderly lady as she gets vaccinated

Mr Tan’s jab went smoothly and Madam Ye was next in line. She sat down and Mr Tan stayed by her side, assuring her.

Another staff was also seen sitting beside her, offering comforting words.

As she was about to get her shot, Mr Tan had a casual conversation with her about her dog.

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The next thing she knew, Madam Ye was done with the vaccine and she said she didn’t even feel a thing.

In a video, Mr Tan could be heard saying in Hokkien, “It’s done! No problem at all”. Madam Ye seemingly smiled widely behind her mask as she patted her chest in relief.

Mr Tan, the staff and some others can be heard cheering and clapping for her.

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Mr Tan then cheerily said, ” I told you there’ll be no problem!”, to which they all shared a moment of laughter.

Acknowledge seniors’ fears

In his Facebook post, Mr Tan shared that some seniors genuinely fear getting vaccinated. But he learnt that it’s best to acknowledge their fears, walk alongside and assure them.

Mr Tan added that his experience with Madam Ye had truly made his and his team’s day.

He then concluded his post by saying, they are all heroes.

Understanding the elderly’s fears of vaccination

Kudos to Mr Tan for his patience and understanding towards seniors who need encouragement to get their Covid-19 jabs.

When loved ones refuse to get vaccinated, it can become a pain point for families.

But often, elderly folks have underlying fears behind their decision. Perhaps, all they need is a little encouragement that vaccination is a fuss-free process that will help protect them and the people around them.

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Featured image adapted from Alvin Tan on Instagram.

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