Singaporean Sells Among Us Meringues Online, Buyers Can Suss Out Impostors With Chilli

Among Us is all the rage these days. The online multiplayer mobile and PC game teaches you about teamwork as you suss out an impostor on a spaceship before it kills the entire crew.


Now, a Singaporean has taken the latest obsession one step further and made the adorable astronauts into meringue treats.


The best part? You can choose to add chilli into the impostors to spice up the game and let the unsuspecting victim take a bite into it.

Choice of chocochip & peanut butter chip filling

Jumping onto the bandwagon, online home-based business Meringuekind recently released a new “Among Us” meringue set.


Each cute crewmate is made with a vanilla base flavour, but comes in a unique colour like the characters in the game.


Share them with friends and pick one each, to simulate the virtual world which many of us have been spending hours in lately.

Add chilli to Among Us impostors

If you prefer, you can opt for impostors to be made with a chilli base flavour at no extra charge. That will surely spice up the fun of randomly choosing a piece to eat with your loved ones.


Otherwise, the regular filling comes in 2 sinfully delectable flavours – chocochip or peanut butter chip. If you can’t decide, just go ahead and order a mix of both. Each tub comes with 13 pieces.


If you anticipate yourselves getting through a tub almost as fast as your friend calls for an Emergency Meeting, we’d suggest getting 2, at a promo price of $46.

Saving yourself from being “sus” may be hard, but saving a few dollars doesn’t have to be.

Add an adorable head accessory 

If you would like to have your little meringue crewmates sprinkled with extra cuteness, you can add tiny head accessories at the cost of $5.


There are 6 adorable designs for you to choose from: green alien, banana peel, mini crewmate, flower, egg or leaf.


Extra meringue toppings for that extra sugar rush you’ll need to crush your competition.

Delivered in a paper box with silky ribbon

Neatly packed in a transparent plastic tub, the set will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 – 6 days in a kraft paper box and a black silk ribbon tied around it.


To add a little mood to the set, little paper stars are mixed in with the space crewmates.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on these adorable treats, you may order through this form or contact the shop via Facebook or Instagram.

Treat your friends & foes

When it comes to a game, we know how competitive we can get. Everyone wants to win and losing is not an option.

Maybe a way to ensure that tempers don’t flare as you play Among Us is to treat both your friends and “foes” to a sweet dessert.

Will you be trying out these cute meringue treats? Tag a friend whom you plan to share them with.

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