Ang Mo Kio Cat With Tail Cut Off Found On 10 Mar, Perpetrator Still At Large

The anxiety about Covid-19 which has become a global pandemic doesn’t seem to have disrupted some people’s lives.

Many are still attending social events, while others stubbornly report to work. This person in Ang Mo Kio did the unthinkable — abuse a defenseless community cat.

If you thought virus concerns would put a stop to horrifying news like this, we’re sorry to say that you’re wrong.

Animal abuse is still a problem, and this poor cat that had its tail cut off unfortunately fell victim to a person’s cruelty.

The photos in this article may cause discomfort to some readers, so viewer discretion is advised.

Ang Mo Kio community cat had its tail chopped off

Last night (11 Mar), a netizen appealed to Facebook users to help find a cat with a missing tail in Ang Mo Kio.

She accompanied her post in Facebook group Cats and Kittens For Adoption in Singapore with a photo of the cat’s tail, which she most likely found lying on the ground.

Probably fearing for the cat who would be in pain, she urged netizens in the area to help find it.

Community cat feeders were already on the lookout at the time of posting. As of 10am today (12 Mar), the post has somehow been removed.

Feeders found and rescued the cat

Thankfully, one of the feeders found the cat shortly after and handed it over to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

SPCA then took the poor cat to the vet for treatment.

In a statement addressing the incident, SPCA’s Executive Directer Dr Jaipal Singh Gill said,

SPCA picked up the cat on 10 Mar 2020 and our Community Animal Clinic is currently treating the cat’s tail wound. We are unable to determine the cause of the injury from the vet examination.

He also noted that their inspectors are currently investigating the case.

Hope authorities will catch the perpetrator

Cutting a harmless animal’s tail off and letting it wander around  with a painful wound is such a heartless act.

The person responsible for this should pay for their heartless act, and we hope the authorities will catch them soon.

For now, we hope the cat recovers from the traumatic incident, and maybe find a new home or an owner to care for it.

All images adapted from Cats and kittens for adoption in Singapore.