Man Claims Anytime Fitness Jurong East Charged SS$120 For Tailgating, Gym Attributes Fees To Other Incidents

Anytime Fitness Jurong East Allegedly Charges Man S$120 For Lending Friend Key Fob

Recently, a man took to TikTok to allege that the Anytime Fitness Jurong East (AFJE) gym had wrongfully charged him S$120 for tailgating incidents.

He posted a video of the one of the offences they had reportedly charged him for, showing three men entering the premises after tapping their keyfobs.


Thanks for sending me this video to prove that AFJE is ___ #sgfyp #af #wronglyaccused

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The gym refunded him S$55 after he gave the appropriate verification for other occasions.

Addressing the matter, AFJE claimed that the charges weren’t for the one seen in the video.

Instead, the man had allegedly lent his keyfob to his friend, which prompted the gym to penalise him.

Anytime Fitness Jurong East charges man S$120 for tailgating incident

Speaking to MS News, an AFJE member said the gym had charged him S$120 without his knowledge. After discovering the charges himself, he contacted the gym’s owner via WhatsApp.

Responding to his queries, the gym owner allegedly explained that the member had allowed other members to use the facility by tailgating. He then received footage of one of the incidents they had claimed to charge him for, which he shared via TikTok.

The video shows him entering the gym after tapping his keyfob, with two men quickly following suit. All of them visibly tapped their keyfobs before entering the facility.

Source: TikTok

The member added that after checking all the incidences, AFJE eventually apologised but only refunded S$55.

“She felt that there should be at least something charged,” he said. “To me, money is not the issue. It’s the lack of principle.”

The member claimed that the gym failed to follow procedure and proceeded with charging him anyway.

In light of that, he pointed out that other members would probably be unaware of similar deductions from their bank accounts linked to their gym memberships.

Clarifying with MS News, AFJE said they had tried to seek verification for the outstanding incidents from the member for several months to no avail.

Nevertheless, the gym expressed their apology and admitted that they could have communicated better about the charge.

Gym says member in question loaned out keyfob

AFJE also told MS News that the member involved had been verified to allow his friend to borrow his keyfob to use the gym for a separate occasion.

The gym later clarified with him that the charges were for another incident and not the one seen in the video.

Source: Anytime Fitness Jurong East Central on Facebook

AFJE allegedly had video evidence of the incident occurring and chose not to share it to resolve the issue with the member directly.

After several outstanding incidents, AFJE said they contacted the member for several months but their texts and calls went ignored.

“After sufficient notice and many delays, we had no choice but to proceed with the charges. The member only responded after we proceeded with the charges,” AFJE said.

“Since the incident, we have provided the member a partial refund as he gave the needed verification for other occasions.”

Incidents of tailgating treated seriously

In addition, AFJE said their top priority was the safety of their members and staff.

“Hence, we do not condone any tailgating, and we treat such incidents seriously,” AFJE said.

At AFJE we conduct our business with integrity and fairness.

The gym added that they would only issue a charge when the incident was genuine.

“No person is allowed to tailgate and compromise the safety of our members and staff,” they said.

“Our tailgating policies are also in place to help prevent unauthorised usage of the gym to be fair to those who actually paid membership fees to use our facilities.”

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