First Covid-19 Patient In Chile Spent A Month In Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

As more countries report new Covid-19 cases, Argentina and Chile are now adding to the increasing numbers.

Both South American countries confirmed their first Covid-19 cases on Tuesday (3 Mar), according to The Jakarta Post.

Interestingly, the Chilean had spent quite some time in Southeast Asia prior to his diagnosis, including a short stay in Singapore.

Covid-19 patient from Chile spent time in Singapore before flying home

The 33-year-old Chilean man had reportedly spent a month in Southeast Asia (SEA), staying in several countries.

Chilean news site 24 Horas listed the SEA countries as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, though The Jakarta Post claimed he spent most of his time on our sunny island.


He had also visited the Maldives and Spain, before arriving back in Chile on 25 Feb.

He only began to show mild symptoms a week later and checked into a hospital in the city of Talca with a high fever.

The hospital’s director, however, stated that the symptoms have since disappeared, and allowed the patient to return home after undergoing some tests.

Argentinian had just returned from Italy

Meanwhile, Argentina’s first Covid-19 patient had just arrived home from Italy on Sunday (1 Mar).

Thankfully, he visited a clinic in Buenos Aires immediately after noticing symptoms and received prompt medical attention.

He has been in isolation since, according to the country’s Health Minister.

The Jakarta Post mentioned that he had travelled to other countries in Europe, though the exact locations are unknown.

Countries on high alert after reporting cases

Despite the shocking discoveries, both Argentina and Chile seem confident that they have everything under control.

Following the first case, Chile will be implementing containment measures to prevent infection, though setting up an isolation facility is not on the cards.

The country’s health minister believes keeping patients at home is the best option, reported 24 Horas.


Whatever their next steps are, we hope that Argentina and Chile can effectively control the virus from spreading further.

Covid-19 has ravaged enough, and the world just wants it to stop soon.

Featured image adapted from TTG Asia.