Arsenal FC Footballers Try Durian For The First Time

Arsenal players have a whiff of Singapore Icon, The Durian

A Singaporean Arsenal football fan decided to give his idols a welcoming ahead of their Singapore trip in July by giving the footballers a taste of the fruit we love to hate, the durian.

In July this year, Arsenal, together with Everton and Stoke City will play in the Asia Trophy in Singapore as part of preparation for the 2015-16 Premier League season.

But for now, a taste of the durian that probably put their keen senses to test. The video posted on Arsenal’s Facebook page shows the vice-president of Arsenal Singapore Tiong Jin Yan, introducing the fruits to some visibly nervous players.

Footballers get more nervous than heading into the dressing room 3-0 down

The video has over 28,900 likes, and starts with Mathieu Flamini’s golden question, “Is it alive?”.


That doubt pretty much sums up the gunners’ cautious faces as they stare at the specimen laid in a dish in front of them.

Watch Wojciech Szczesny and Mathieu Debuchy’s comical reactions. A disturbed-looking Szczesny asked Debuchy if he was scared, making the durian almost sound like a worthy opponent on the field.


Taking a whiff of the fruit, Flamini pulls in a deep breath and immediately closes his eyes, in regret and an attempt to put on a poker face we assume. All 5 gunners had an immaculate sense of muscle control of their facial features. At the same time it was nice albeit hilarious to see them struggle to put on a neutral face. Kudos boys.


If anything, it was their politeness in trying not to offend a cultural icon was what won us over. Flamini was such a gentleman, saying: “Thank you it is an honour”. After regaining his composure, that is.

And Kieran Gibbs even asked if he could have more in Singapore. All the durians we can find for you, Gunners.

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Featured image via Youtube
With references from Facebook, The Straits Times

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