Epic Wedding Photoshoot Makes Asian Couple Look Like Star-Crossed Lovers In Wuxia Movie

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Wuxia-Loving Couple Has Asian Drama-Inspired Wedding Photoshoot In China, Looks Like Actual Movie Stills

For most couples, wedding photoshoots can be a hassle. They’re expensive, a logistical pain and are just another thing you’re socially obligated to do for your big day.

Lots of couples are opting for more casual photoshoots these days. But this pair of star-crossed lovers decided to go big with an Asian-drama-themed wedding photoshoot.

They shared their pictures to the popular Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits, and have been getting lots of attention for their epic photoshoot.

Check the photos out below.


Couple obsessed with Asian dramas & martial arts

Apparently, the couple are obsessed with Asian dramas and wuxia –– a genre of martial arts-based movies.


Lots of their scenes are reminiscent of a popular drama, Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Here, they look like they could be Guo Jing and Huang Rong.


They really went all-out with the poses and costumes too — just look at that dedication! It’s almost as if Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai from Butterfly Lovers had a photoshoot.


Here’s another one of that iconic wuxia move — someone’s gotta do a flying kick, or it’s just not an wuxia movie.


Flew to China for photoshoot

This couple decided on a theme, and definitely committed to it.

They even visited Wuxi and Hangzhou in China just to get the perfect shots.

Doesn’t this tender cave scene remind you of Yang Mi’s Si Yin and Mark Chao’s Mo Yuan from Eternal Love?


This regal photo is definitely giving us Scarlet Heart vibes.


They even served some monochromatic looks. Looking ethereal, guys!


Bringing Asian dramas to life

This couple took something that’s seen as a chore by many and put their own fun twist on it.

They defied traditions with traditions, and created a stunning new concept that tied in their heritage.

Maybe this will inspire more people to take risks and have fun, especially when it comes to their own weddings.

This looks like a beautiful preview of their marriage. We hope they have a wonderful one and continue to share their love of all things wuxia and Asian dramas.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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