2 Men Assault Passengers After Mistaking Them For Queue-Cutting, Jailed For Causing Hurt

Men Assault 2 Passengers After Assuming They Were Queue-Cutting

Assumptions can often arise as a result of heated emotions, especially when we feel like we have been wronged in some way.

Acting rashly on those assumptions, however, should not be the first resort.

This was unfortunately what occurred at a taxi stand in Boon Keng, where two men accused others of cutting their line for a cab.

The ensuing argument caused them to carry out an assault that resulted in multiple injuries.

Both men have since received jail sentences after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt.

Men assault victims they thought were queue-cutting

According to Shin Min Daily News, Xie Fubao and Chen Taiqing each pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt.

As a result, Xie received a four-week jail term.

In addition, Chen faced several other charges, including illegal gambling during the pandemic. He was sentenced to seven weeks in prison and a S$4,000 fine.

The assault occurred at around 11.10pm on 20 Nov 2020 at a taxi stand in front of Boon Keng MRT station.

Source: Google Maps

A 52-year old Sri Lankan man and 56-year-old Caucasian man were both about to board a private-hire vehicle they had booked. However, Chen assumed they were cutting the queue for a cab.

They got into an argument, and Chen punched the Sri Lankan in the face, causing him to fall.

He then assaulted the Caucasian man, who tried to fight back but missed and fell to the ground. Chen and Xie then launched a joint assault on him, kicking and punching him together.

A member of the public alerted the police to the incident, who quickly responded to the scene.

Victims taken to hospital for injuries

Shin Min Daily News reports that the Sri Lankan man was bleeding from a head injury. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment and was given five days of medical leave, along with a S$479 medical bill.

The Caucasian man’s injuries were not as serious and he only suffered a bloodied nose.

Those guilty of voluntarily causing hurt to others may face a jail term of up to three years and/or a S$5,000 fine.

Hope victims are recovering from their assault

While having someone jump the queue in front of you is annoying, it’s certainly no reason to resort to blows.

That’s especially the case if it all turns out to be just one huge misunderstanding.

Perhaps Xie and Chen will learn their lesson after this brush with the law and do a better job at controlling their tempers next time.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps

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