Man Calls Police After Students Allegedly Move His Bags From Our Tampines Hub Bench

Man Angered After Students Moved His Bags From Our Tampines Hub Bench

Most people in Singapore know about the country’s culture of reserving seats using whatever items they have on them, be it tissue paper, name cards, or even bags.

But when such methods fail, we simply grab our belongings and move to find another seat or table.

One uncle seemed extra determined to occupy a table at Our Tampines Hub (OTH), which he allegedly used his bags to reserve.

However, some students seemingly spoiled his plans when they removed his bags from the table and sat there themselves.

Source: SGFOLLOWSALL on Telegram

Annoyed, the man got into an argument with the group. He even lodged a police report accusing them of damaging his personal belongings.

Man allegedly missing for hours, left bags on Our Tampines Hub table

Earlier this week, a video was shared in the SGFOLLOWSALL Telegram group showing a man in a black cap engaged in a heated argument with a group of students.

It’s hard to make out what exactly both parties are saying, but the older man can be seen gesturing in a hostile manner towards the students.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the students reportedly pointed out that the man hadn’t been around for hours prior to them occupying the table for their revision.

In response, the man accused the students of “having a party” and insisted they should head to the library if they planned on studying.

Man accuses students of damaging his belongings

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a student involved in the altercation said that the man is a frequent visitor of OTH.

Source: Google Maps

The student claimed that the man would typically arrive in the morning and watch some videos on his device.

He would then go missing for a few hours, leaving his belongings behind in his absence.

This happened to be the case on Monday (11 Sep) evening when the incident occurred.

Upon returning, the man was furious to find his belongings removed and the table occupied. He also accused the students of having a party.

When the man approached an OTH security guard, the latter allegedly told him he should’ve removed his belongings if he planned on being away for more than two hours.

The man grew more agitated by the security guard’s response and subsequently accused the students of damaging his belongings.

He then called the police, who arrived soon after.

The students were shocked by the police’s involvement, with some calling their parents down to speak to the uncle.

In response to Shin Min Daily News’ queries, the police confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway.

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