Man Serves Banana Leaf Rice To Stray Dogs In M’sia Every Week

Man Goes Viral For Serving Banana Leaf Rice To Stray Dogs

Every now and then, humans and their affection for their furry friends reminds us that there’s still some good left in the world.

This was certainly the case when a TikTok video of a man feeding stray dogs banana leaf rice in Malaysia went viral.


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He shared that he feeds them every week, doing as much as he can to help them out.

Man feeds banana leaf rice to stray dogs

Posting a clip of the man feeding the dogs on TikTok, Maran Archunan aka @datodrmaranarchunan shared a video of what he does for the stray dogs in his neighbourhood.

The footage starts by showing Dr Maran taking out a few sheets of banana leaves from the boot of his vehicle and laying them out by the roadside.

Source: @datodrmaranarchunan on TikTok

About five to six dogs gather excitedly around him, clearly anticipating their meal.

Some of them paw at the boot of the vehicle, sensing the tubs of food there.

Source: @datodrmaranarchunan on TikTok

Dr Maran then takes the pots out and serves the rice on the leaves, prompting even more canines to rush over at the sight of the food.

Source: @datodrmaranarchunan on TikTok

They devour the rice as soon as it’s on the leaves, with one of the dogs even eating directly from the pot.

Source: @datodrmaranarchunan on TikTok

Man earns praise for helping dogs

This wasn’t the first time Dr Maran had helped stray dogs in his area, with other videos showing him feeding them and putting puppies up for adoption.

The video above, in particular, has gone viral, with many viewers praising him for helping the canines.

Source: TikTok

One user asked Dr Maran what he feeds the dogs. In response, he shared that he cooks rice and chicken with turmeric powder.

Source: TikTok

Another commenter raised the possibility of opening a shelter, to which he clarified that he only feeds the dogs every Sunday when he has the time.

Source: TikTok

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have time to manage a shelter daily.

You may follow Dr Maran on TikTok to keep up with his regular encounters with the dogs.

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Featured image adapted from @datodrmaranarchunan on TikTok.

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