Cause Of Bangkok Air Pollution Remains Unknown

Bangkok is a popular travel destination among Singaporeans, especially in the month of December. If you need proof, just scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll confirm plus chop find pictures of your friends having the time of their lives in the City of Angels.

Unfortunately, the Thai capital has recently been hit by some serious air pollution.

On Thursday (19 Dec), Thai authorities issued a warning advising visitors to wear face masks and stay indoors.


Amount of harmful dust particles exceed safety level

Thailand’s national Pollution Control Department revealed that the amount of harmful dust particles (PM 2.5 readings) has surpassed the safety level in 3 areas around Bangkok.

PM 2.5 readings refer to a combination of liquid and solid particles comprising dust, soot, and smoke, which the Air Quality Index (AQI) takes into account.


Bangkok’s AQI as of Thursday (19 Dec) morning was 170, which falls in the “unhealthy” range.

Cause of Bangkok air pollution remains unknown

Strangely, the cause of the pollution remains unknown.

However, the city’s air quality is known to deteriorate during the dry season, which lasts from December to April.

Bangkok residents are complaining about the bad air quality, with many developing problems like asthma and allergies.


Take safety precautions if visiting

If you’re planning on visiting Bangkok soon, remember to bring along some N95 masks and check the AQI readings periodically.

We hope the air quality in Bangkok improves soon so visitors can visit the Thai capital with a peace of mind.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.