S’pore Bangladeshi Covid-19 Patient In ICU Receives $10,000 Donation To Help With Family’s Urgent Expenses

Bangladeshi Worker With Covid-19 Receives $10,000 Assistance Package From Singapore NGO

For a migrant worker infected with Covid-19, the repercussions are detrimental as it affects an entire family’s livelihood.

The 42nd Covid-19 case confirmed is a Bangladeshi national who was working in Singapore, according to reports from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Currently, the sole breadwinner is in critical condition and has been staying in the ICU at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). He is hence unable to provide for his family.


Fortunately, the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which helps migrant workers in Singapore, is striving to be of assistance to his loved ones.


According to MWC, they are donating S$10,000 to help them with urgent expenses, relieving his family’s stressful financial situation.

Relief efforts to support the Bangladeshi patients’ families

At present, 4 other Bangladeshi nationals are confirmed to have Covid-19.

Together with the Singapore government and the High Commission of Bangladesh, MWC is working to provide maximum support to these migrant workers.

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They have been in touch with the migrant workers’ families, giving them frequent updates regarding their health conditions.

They also looked into solutions for the financial troubles that ensued after the hospitalisation of their sole providers.

It is extremely worrying now that their families are unable to even afford day-to-day living expenses.

For the worker in ICU in particular, the MWC has arranged a S$10,000 assistance package that will help relieve his family’s financial burdens.

Package a contribution by multiple associations

The money will be pivotal in aiding payments for urgent needs and necessities for the family of the hospitalised worker.

The generous sum is a joint contribution by the worker’s employer and dormitory operator, Yi-Ke Innovations and Mini-Environment Services respectively.

The infected patient stayed at Leo Dormitory operated by Mini-Environment Services

Of course, MWC also donated from their charity fund. The $10,000 will be sent to the family via telegraphic bank transfer.

The Singapore government, meanwhile, already covers Covid-19 treatment costs for all patients, so there’s no need to worry.

You can play a part in caring for the families in need

Certainly, these migrant workers came to Singapore in hopes of earning money to support their families.

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Catching a virus and causing their families distress is the last thing any of them would want.

Otherwise helpless in a foreign country, MWC’s initiative would thus be of great help to the affected workers and their families.

MWC is still following up on all the cases and has provided information on how you might be able to help.

You can make a donation at the MWC Help Centre:

Migrant Workers’ Centre Help Centre
579 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218193
+65 6536 2692
Opening Hours:

9 am-7 pm on weekdays except for Monday
9 am-3 pm on weekends

Kudos to MWC and the organisations that kindly lend a helping hand to the infected migrant workers and their families.

In this time of crisis, we can band together to help each other, regardless of nationality.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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