Batgirl Actually Visits Singapore For A Week In 2016, We’re Not Kidding

Batgirl Went To Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool & Chinatown In Singapore

Redditors have recently uncovered that female Batman – aka Batgirl – has graced the sunny shores of Singapore.

Before Singaporean DC fans begin to hyperventilate — yes, this story is actually canon.

The caped crusader stayed in Singapore for only a week. In comic book time, that equals a mere 25-page issue.

Issue#2 of the comic series Batgirl 2016 to be exact.

T’was a gripping story involving drones, MBS’ Infinity Pool, a random warehouse in Kallang & an epic showdown with a mixed martial artist.

We take a look at which parts of our dear country were visited and how accurately they were depicted.

1-week tropical staycation

Batgirl journeyed to our tropical island, accurately named “The Lion City”, in search of a mysterious assailant.

Her hunch was that the assailant masqueraded as a Multi-Martial Arts (MMA) student at a training center called ‘Adapt’.


Can you spot that all too familiar Lion logo we we know so well?


Perhaps the showdown was a government sponsored event?

“Everything’s brand new”

Upon gliding into our fair city, Batgirl couldn’t help but utter these profound statements,

You can’t see the future when the past is standing in your way. And Singapore must be the place to do it. Everything’s brand new.

Sure kena STOMP-ed.

If only this were true for our ‘world class’ transport system too.

But let’s just take it as praise for our delightfully urban cityscape, for now.

Diving right back into our riveting story.

Drones are apparently Singapore’s obsession

Batgirl soon spotted a drone spying on her closely as she flitted through our skies and decided to investigate.

Turns out, a voyeur was behind the whole affair.

Surprise! It’s me — in person!

The culprit sure picked the wrong girl. Batgirl shut his operation down immediately, with a smattering of Mandarin.

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re not wrong.

Just a few weeks ago, someone in Punggol had the same idea — at least, that’s what most people think.

Unfortunately, Batgirl wasn’t around to help us chase that culprit down.

Chinatown, MBS & Kallang featured


Halfway into the story, we find Batgirl strolling pensively through what seems like Chinatown.

That is, given the red lanterns with Chinese words — it’s always the red lanterns with Chinese words.

But beyond those lanterns, there were no clues we could use to piece together where exactly this was.


She even found herself below a tower, Adapt Tower — which for a moment sounds like an actual place in Singapore.

But alas, there is no such tower.


Afterwards, she goes to a gym called Light Speed Gym, sandwiched in a row of shophouses that wouldn’t be out of place in Bugis.

We hate to disappoint you gym bunnies, but a gym like this also doesn’t actually exist in Bugis or anywhere in Singapore.

The place tourists know best

Sometime later, a boy she met earlier brings her to the all-too-frequently advertised, Marina Bay Sands.

You may have noticed the yellow cab, because we sure did. It looks nothing like ours.


The two end up sharing a romantic moment in the rooftop infinity pool — because let’s face it, it’s far too tempting a setting to pass over in your plot.


But if you’ve been on the roof of Marina Bay Sands before, you may notice that the view isn’t quite as shown in the comic.

It’s more like this.

The real deal

Anyway, they share a steamy kiss clad in only their swimwear — the perfect way to end a romantic High-SES date at MBS.


MMA showdown at Kallang warehouse

Finally, we see Batgirl going up against a notorious local MMA fighter, near the end of the issue.


The fight takes place in a random warehouse in Kallang.

There wasn’t anything distinctive about the warehouse to identify it, but those who wish to visit the nondescript location should consult Google Maps like we did.

Your guess is as good as ours

Perhaps beating a one-issue throwaway villain against the backdrop of cheap soaps & groceries is the best way to go out on a high note?


We’d tell you who wins, but then we risk angering the DC fans here who might just now be rushing to find this comic series.

We surely wouldn’t want that.

Only vaguely Singapore

Unlike the Marvel comic featuring a dastardly rich supervillain named Jackie Singapore, the city that Batgirl roamed around in only vaguely resembles the Singapore we know.

Still, we think it was cool that Batgirl popped by, even on a tourist visa.

Who knows which other superheroes have visited us incognito to sweep trouble into the bin?

Maybe that’s the real reason why we were recently ranked the safest country in the world.

Here’s hoping more superheroes will come to visit us, to help Singapore become the backdrop of an intense fight worthy of the silver screen.

You’ll also love this (if you’re a Marvel fan):

Featured image from Batgirl 2016.

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