Bedok Cat Missing After Being Mauled By Fierce Husky; Witnesses Urged To Come Forward

Bedok Cat Missing Since Husky’s Owner Took It Away

Community cats in Singapore, while well-taken care of by kind-hearted volunteers, are often defenseless in the face of danger.

On Tuesday (11 Jun), a volunteer took to Facebook to appeal for information on a cat that went missing after being attacked by a large dog.


Bedok cat attacked by an off-leash dog

The volunteer shared that last Sunday (9 Jun) morning, a large dog, which looked like a husky or wolfhound, had attacked Midnight, a black community cat, at the void deck of Blk 15 Bedok South Ave 2.


The dog had bitten Midnight and refused to let go even as passers-by tried to separate the pair.

Eventually, they managed to rescue Midnight from the unaccompanied dog who ran away, but the cat was already bleeding profusely.

2 girls then placed Midnight in a box and attempted to halt the bleeding using a cloth.

Husky’s owner promised to bring cat to vet

Meanwhile, a man gave chase, and followed the dog towards Sennett Estate, presumably where it lived.

He found the dog’s owner, who promised to take Midnight to the vet.

Unfortunately, the dog owner’s details were not taken down, and Midnight’s whereabouts were still unknown 2 days later.

Volunteers have contacted all the nearby vets in the area, and found none of them had any record of a black cat admitted to them on that day.

Worried that the dog owner may have left Midnight to bleed to death, the volunteer shared the story on Facebook to appeal for witnesses.

Appeal for information

The volunteer is hoping that anyone with information or footage of the incident will come forward to help.


She also advised the dog owner not to let the husky roam about by itself unmuzzled, especially since the breed tends to be aggressive.

Anyone with relevant information may reach out to the volunteer via her Facebook post here.

May Midnight be found safely soon

Community cats in Singapore are vulnerable to safety threats as they often have to fend for themselves.

While the efforts of volunteers constantly looking out for their welfare are commendable, there’s ultimately a limit to how much they can do.

Hence, we hope that the relevant authorities will look into the predicament of community cats in Singapore.

Let’s also hope Midnight will be found safely soon.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps

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