Bedok FairPrice Has S$0.90 Durians, Stock Up For 10-Pax King Of Fruit Feasts

Bedok North FairPrice Has S$0.90 Durians While Stocks Last

Durian, the king of fruits, is a well-loved treat among Singaporeans. So much so that we have invented numerous ways of fusing the divisive fruit into our regular dishes.

While it may not be durian season just yet, this FairPrice outlet in Bedok North is getting the ball rolling by having whole durians for sale at only S$0.90 each.

Image courtesy of FairPrice

This unbelievably low price will only be afforded to the first 300 customers each day.

Note that the offer will only be available from 22 to 24 Apr, from 10am each day, while stocks last.

Customers are limited to 2 durians per transaction

With relaxed measures now letting us gather in groups of 10 again, we can finally host get-togethers like we used to back in the day.

And one theme that we can double down on is having a durian feast. To help with getting the party started, FairPrice Bedok North will be selling 600 to 800g sized durians for just S$0.90 each.

bedok fairprice durians

Image courtesy of FairPrice

With a deal as sweet as this, there must be a whole host of caveats in place and that remains true.

In a press release, FairPrice announced that the promotion will run from 22 to 24 April. Sales will start at 10 am daily and each customer is entitled to only two durians per transaction.

bedok fairprice durians

Image courtesy of FairPrice

This keeps things fair for everyone, especially since there is limited stock available. Though of course, you can always jio some friends over to help buy the durians for your upcoming social gathering.

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But you may have to find a way to beat the queue as residents in the area appeared to have gotten their news early as a long line has already formed on Friday (22 Apr) morning.

bedok fairprice durians

Image courtesy of FairPrice

But fret not, there is another section in the supermarket that sells packaged durians.

bedok fairprice durians

Image courtesy of FairPrice

Even though they may cost a bit more, we’re sure that they are at least equally delicious all the same.

Durians for less than a dollar at Bedok FairPrice

To avoid missing out on these heavily discounted durians, plan your trip to FairPrice at Bedok North:

FairPrice @ 212 Bedok North Street 1
Address: 212 Bedok North Street 1, #01-147, Bedok Town Centre, Singapore 460212
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Tanah Merah Station

Do note that this is an exclusive promotion only available at FairPrice Bedok North.

Jio your Eastie friends for a durian haul & feast

While planning dinner at a restaurant is often the go-to way of catching up with friends, sometimes something as simple as a durian feast is enough to enjoy each other’s company.

Gather your durian-loving buddies and buy a few fruits for a lepak sesh as you indulge in the creamy goodness while talking about life.

There’s nothing more apt to capture how we feel than the bittersweet taste of durian flesh.

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Featured image courtesy of FairPrice.

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