Beijing Bookstore Has ‘Mystical Portals’ That Look Like They’ll Teleport You Into Another Dimension

This Bookstore In Beijing Has Impressive Architecture That Look Like Mystical Portals

Many of us have been transported to otherworldly realms through fictional books.

Interestingly, we’ve recently discovered that a Beijing bookstore is redefining our reading experience by creating ‘portals’ for our next adventure.

Zhongshuge Beijing Xidan Bookstore features lit up circular arches that feel like an entrance to a mystical dimension.


Located at Xidan Galeries Lafayette in Beijing, the bookstore has a creative children’s area and study hall with mirrored ceilings that are a literal haven for bookworms.


Beijing bookstore looks like a mystical world of books

Zhongshuge Beijing Xidan Bookstore has a collection of 60,000 books.

The rows of shelves are surrounded by tunnel-like labyrinths, which were inspired by the traditional Moon Gates found in Chinese gardens.


At first glance, there seem to be rows of books in each of the ‘portals’. But a closer inspection reveals that the rounded arches are merely walls with canvas paintings of realistic books.


No need to worry about falling within the portal. The stairs are simply decked with paintings that make it seem like there’s a shelf in every step.


Just like a fictional realm of portals, there are miniature and massive spiral ‘tunnels’ here that remind us of Dr Strange’s powers that lets him access different dimensions.


While you may be eager to cross every arch, don’t get lost in the middle of exploring this architectural marvel.

Study hall with mirrored ceilings

Just like fictional novels, the arches seem like a gateway to interesting destinations.

This study hall has mirror-filled ceilings that make the room looks deceptively taller. The clean and sleek design may inspire you to finally immerse yourself in your latest read or research.


Curved tables and benches seem to be installed in the space at random.

In truth, the design imitates the meeting of ancient Chinese people in a painting titled Qu Shui Liu Shang – 曲水流觞 in Chinese – according to Cool Hunter.


We imagine finding the right section will be an interesting endeavour as you sneak a peek through these illuminated symmetrical walls.


Creative children’s area

Parents that want to inculcate the love of reading in their young children may finally do so successfully in the bookstore’s children’s area.


The floor has a striking world map design that may encourage kids to begin their next fictional undertaking.


Will be in our list of must-visit libraries

The ongoing pandemic has barred Singaporeans from travelling for leisure to Beijing. However, the declining Covid-19 cases in China and Singapore make us feel optimistic that we’ll be able to resume our travel plans eventually.

In the meantime, you can add this destination to your bucket list of must-visit bookstores.

Address: Shop B1 11/12, Galeries Lafayette, No. 110 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily

Zhongshuge Beijing Xidan Bookstore is a treasure trove of reads for bookworms seeking magical libraries. Here’s to hoping we can make a visit once the pandemic runs its course.

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 Featured image from X+Living architecture firm

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