Woman Suggests Installing Bicycle Baskets For Community Cats To Hide In During Rainy Weather

Woman Suggests Bicycle Baskets For Cats To Hide From Rain

The rainy season is upon us once again, and although we can always find shelter in the concrete jungle of Singapore, our feline friends may struggle to keep dry.

That’s why a Redditor suggested installing bicycle baskets for cyclists who park their bicycles in void decks of HDBs.


She shared that although HDB void decks are generally dry, their openness may not be entirely suitable for cats that prefer a smaller space to feel safer.

If baskets are unattainable or troublesome to install, she also suggested covering a bicycle with a sheet so that the cats can find refuge under them.

Redditor finds cat hiding from rain in bicycle basket

On Wednesday (10 Nov), Redditor /u/hanamihoshi shared a video of a cat resting gently in a bicycle basket on the Singapore subreddit.

bicycle basketsSource

Aside from the cute video, she suggests installing these baskets or getting a sheet to cover your bicycles if you park them in an HDB void deck.

As we are in the rainy season now, these cats would struggle to find shelter.

bicycle basketsSource

Even though kind Samaritans or cat feeders would place boxes for these cats, they would often wind up wet when the rain falls.

She also mentions that cats prefer a smaller space as it makes them feel more secure and safe in their surroundings.

If the idea of installing a bulky basket doesn’t appeal to you, she also mentions covering your bicycle with a sheet or tarp so that cats can retreat under them.

Netizen said bicycle baskets were treated as a rubbish bin

However, one netizen brought up a good point about bicycle baskets that often dissuade cyclists from installing them in the first place.


It is not uncommon to see these baskets misused by the public and often become makeshift dustbins.

What is meant to help ferry their extra baggage around with a bicycle has sadly turned into a common dumping ground for litterbugs.

Take care of our community cats & keep clean

It’s much easier to put our best interests at the forefront, but we can also extend our hearts to our community cats who make HDB living an enjoyable time.

If you can overlook this inconvenience, cyclists should consider installing a bicycle basket for our feline friends during this rainy season.

While we’re at it, it’s an excellent opportunity to remind the public that these baskets are no dustbins, and one should always dispose of your trash appropriately.

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Featured image adapted from /u/hanamihoshi on Reddit

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