Bird Gets Foot Stuck In Escalator, Passers-By Stop To Help & Call ACRES

Bird With Foot Stuck On Escalator Rescued By ACRES

In highly-urbanised Singapore, wildlife can often pop up in the most unexpected places.

In foreign environments, these animals can run into trouble with technology, like this bird whose leg got stuck on an escalator.

Source: TikTok

The unfortunate incident was filmed and uploaded on TikTok, in a clip showing a woman shedding tears while helping the poor creature.

Thankfully, officials from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) came to the rescue and eventually freed the bird.

ACRES rescues bird stuck in escalator

On 10 Aug, TikTok user @douglasokj uploaded a video of the incident with a caption that reads, “If you come across any animal that needs rescue, you know what to do now.”


If you come across any animal that needs rescue, you know what to do now #saveanimals #birdsoftiktok #douglasong

♬ original sound – Douglas Ong – Douglas Ong

In the 20-second clip, he described the incident where he and a female friend heard a bird screaming in pain. They subsequently found it with a foot stuck in an escalator.

He instinctively pressed a button to stop the moving escalator while his friend tended to the bird.

Seemingly upset, she held the bird in one hand while attempting to gently free its foot.

Source: TikTok

Perhaps realising that they needed professional help, the pair called the ACRES hotline. At this point, blood splatters likely from the bird is visible on the woman’s hand.

Thankfully, ACRES officials came quickly and dismantled a part of the escalator that appeared to be trapping the bird’s foot.

Source: TikTok

After prying the panel open, they managed to retrieve the poor creature. One of its legs was visibly injured and looked to be in a deep shade of red.

Source: TikTok

The video ends with a piece of advice for anyone who finds an animal in distress and advises them to call ACRES for help.

In replies to comments seeking updates on the bird, the OP assured viewers that it survived the ordeal. Whether the bird is recuperating well is unclear.

Kudos to ACRES for saving another animal in need

One can only imagine how terrifying it was to hear the screams for help from the bird, in a shopping mall, no less.

Thankfully, the kind-hearted pair stopped to help the creature and stayed till rescuers successfully freed it.

Kudos to the team at ACRES for their speedy response and for saving yet another animal.

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Featured image adapted from @douglasokj on TikTok.

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