Huge Python Found Outside Bedok HDB Unit, ACRES Cordons Off Area & Rescues Reptile

Huge Python Spotted Outside Bedok Reservoir HDB Unit, ACRES Rescues Reptile

Many of us probably wouldn’t think twice before rushing out the door to get to school or work on time.

But for this resident of Bedok Reservoir Road, he had to be stopped from leaving his unit as a large python had paid him an unexpected visit.

Fortunately, his neighbours spotted the gigantic reptile and quickly notified the town council and police. Police officers later cordoned off the area and ACRES eventually removed the snake.

Python hangs around in front of Bedok Reservoir HDB unit

At around 6.30am on Thursday (2 Jun), residents noticed a huge python hanging outside a unit on the first floor of Block 126 Bedok Reservoir Road, Shin Min Daily News reports.

python bedok hdb

Source: Facebook

Photos circulating on social media show the large reptile perched on the window, with its head and tail hanging loosely.

python bedok hdb

Source: Facebook

Someone also uploaded a video on YouTube, where the python can be seen slithering across the window panes.

python bedok hdb

Source: YouTube

A resident told reporters that a cleaner had spotted the python and informed the town council, which then notified the police.

Police cordon off area, ACRES rescues python

When Shin Min Daily News reporters arrived at the scene, they noticed that the area has already been cordoned off by the police.

According to the tenant of the affected unit, the police officers informed him of the python and told him not to leave his flat.

At about 9am, two officers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) arrived and got to work removing the huge snake.

python bedok hdb

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

One of them grabbed the reptile’s head, while the other held onto its body before placing it into an enclosure.

ACRES thanks police and town council for their efforts

ACRES co-CEO Kalai Vanan S/O Balakrishnan explained that due to the morning traffic jam, their staff wasn’t able to reach the place immediately.

He added that the public was very cooperative and kept a safe distance from the python. He also thanked the town council and the police for ensuring the public’s safety.

Mr Kalai said the serpent likely came from “nearby drains” and had climbed to an elevated spot in order to “feel safer”.

An interesting morning for the residents

Encountering a wild creature right at your doorstep can no doubt be frightening.

Thankfully, the residents remained calm and quickly alerted the relevant authorities to ensure everyone’s safety. We hope the tenant and his neighbours weren’t too ssscared by the sssurprise.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, do maintain a safe distance and quickly contact ACRES for help.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.

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