Black Clouds Cast S’pore In Darkness On 26 Jun Like A Dystopian Movie Scene

Black Clouds Beckon Thunderstorm On 26 Jun Morning

As many of us awoke from our slumber this cold, Saturday morning, we may have noticed the air feeling a little gloomier than usual. Look up at the sky, and you’d probably have seen dark, almost black clouds instead of the bright Sun.


For those who didn’t have plans anyway, this might be a sign to trudge back to bed and sleep in a little more.

Those who were planning to go out, you could carry on, but we’re just saying — the weather’s really nice for a day of Netflix and sleep.

Singapore residents spot ominous black clouds on 26 Jun

Waking up to gloomy weather somehow makes many of us feel drowsy, but some Singapore residents were surprisingly on alert.

So much so that they took notice of some dark clouds hovering in the sky this morning (26 Jun).


In contrast with the brighter clouds in the background, the photo above certainly gives off ominous vibes, as though something heavy is looming.

In some areas, the clouds were so dark that you could barely make out the buildings in the distance.


An MS News reader sent the following photo of pitch-black clouds in Lavender, at around 10am today.

Image courtesy of Dr Sohil Pothiawala

Heavy rain forecasted across Singapore

One doesn’t have to be a weatherman to know that the dark clouds meant heavy rain was nigh. Indeed, PUB confirmed it in a Facebook post at about 10.10am today.


So if it has rained in your area already by the time this article comes out, PUB’s announcement definitely checks out.

Stay safe while out & about

Now that we can dine in at eateries again, we’re sure many have made plans to catch up with close friends over the weekend.

While doing so, remember to stay safe — whether that means constantly sanitising, checking in and out safely, or having an umbrella for when it rains.

Whatever the weather may be throughout the day, we hope everyone has a lovely Saturday with your loved ones.

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Featured image courtesy of Dr Sohil Pothiawala and adapted from Melvin Ang on Facebook.

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